A Christmas Testing Carol - Part One

Or: The Three Ghosts of Testing


A cold breeze rushed through the skyscrapers. Streets were empty, but for the few shivering figures on their way home. The light in most offices turned off hours ago.


“Well, if you change your mind, you are always welcome to join for our Christmas dinner”, Fred said to his uncle, in one of the still lit offices.
Ebenezer all but ignored him, giving him the slightest of nods.
“Didn’t you have a big release yesterday too?”, he asked grimly.
“Yes, so?”, Fred replied confused.
“Why aren’t you at work checking if everything works then?”
“Uncle, I told you, we are thoroughly testing our releases, there is nothing to worry about.”

Ebenezer shook his head: “Humbug! One Day you will actually make some money with your little Start-Up and on that day, you will realize a bad release will cost you! And now go! Go and enjoy you Christmas dinner.” He spat the last words.
Fred took his cloak and left, still with a relaxed smile on his face. Ebenezer has always been like this. Not even Christmas could get his mind off new releases and the stress he felt after them.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a well-known businessman. He has been around when the internet was born! But that didn’t stop him from adjusting to modern changes. He and his Partner Jacob Marley have grown their business into a successful software company.
Even now Ebenezer keeps building what they once shared, releasing new updates on the same day for the past 7 years now in memory of his partners passing.

Shortly after, a little boy walked past his office. Ebenezer got up, enraged: “This is no playground!”
The boy shrunk back: “I’m just here to find my dad.”
Bob came running alarmed by Ebenezers shout, visibly relaxing as he saw him and his son standing there both in one piece.
“It’s alright”, he said, “This is my son, Mister Scrooge. Wait over there, I’ll be with you in a minute.”
“Are you leaving already? You can’t possibly be done with all your tests yet, can you?”, Ebenezer sneered.
“I have tests for days! I finished the most important Excel sheet. I just want to spend Christmas Eve with my family.”
Grumpily Ebenezer gave in: “Alright, just make sure you make up the lost time by coming in early.”

On his way home, he barely saw the bliss around him. People were enjoying punch, sledding, children having snowball fights, but all he could think of, was what issues with his release would be found the next day....





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