Qualysoft is streamlining the management structure


Vienna, July 29, 2022 – Florian Werksnies (37), Managing Director of Qualysoft GmbH, will face a new professional challenge. Since spring 2019, Werksnies has formed the management duo of Qualysoft Austria together with co-managing director Stefan Resl. Born in Cologne, he already had a successful career in other Austrian companies, including a senior management position at Wien IT. Now he wants to take his career in new directions.


Florian Werksnies joined the Qualysoft family in January 2019 as Head of Sales and Marketing and as an authorized signatory and was able to quickly achieve success in sales. On May 1, 2019, he also assumed responsibility as co-managing director for the Austrian site of the Qualysoft Group. His primary goal was to make Qualysoft a company that advises and accompanies its customers with high quality in the field of digitization - especially in the creation of digitization strategies. He brought his many years of experience in the areas of business consulting, sales and innovation management to the advice of his customers.

As Managing Director of Qualysoft Austria, Florian Werksnies gave the marketing and sales team a new direction and set up and handed over two successful, powerful departments. The marketing team took over CMO Maria Sztatecsny at the beginning of this year. Effective immediately, the sales team will operate under Managing Director Stefan Resl. The successes of both departments in recent years stand for the great development work that Werksnies has done here.

"I am very happy about the trust that has been placed in me at Qualysoft over the past three and a half years - by my employees, my colleagues in management, by the owners and - above all - by our customers. They were very nice and successful years in which I was able to achieve so much in the family environment of Qualysoft. But now I'm looking forward to new challenges that my further professional career will bring with it," explains Florian Werksnies.