A platform for all applications

Adito and Qualysoft have started a promising CRM & CXM partnership early in 2019. Adito knows how to master the daily challenges of its customers with a platform that can easily process your complex data and processes in marketing, sales and service.

Organize all your business processes on a flexible platform with ADITO

The CRM platform ADITO provides an easily integrated and customizable solution for marketing, sales and service ensuring the long-term success of your company. As a key to success, Qualysoft and ADITO focus on individualization in their partnership. By adapting your CRM solution to your industry and company-specific requirements, you benefit from the rapid introduction of a market-proven, yet tailor-made ADITO solution as well as professional advice from long-standing experts at Qualysoft.

Control your entire company from a central platform. The system will change with your business while remaining fully releasable. This is made possible by the approach of separating the application core from the solution. Customizing is much easier and the software remains fully capable of being released at any time - despite individual adjustments. They rely on a solution that supports all modern technologies and allows you a comfortable and integrated access to the most important data. To bring together information in the company and replace existing island solutions.