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We enable our customers to automate their software delivery process to reduce the time to market

Our approach in DevOps and CI/CD

It has become more and more important to bring new products and features to the market as soon as possible, but most businesses release new features only monthly or quarterly. One reason is that the deployment to production environments often involve numerous manual time-consuming and error-prone steps, as well as challenging handovers between departments and missing test automation.

Our goal is to automate the full delivery process from code check-in to deployment to the production environment. Releasing a new version should be possible at any time with the confidence of full automation.

  • Enterprise assessment and application assessments
  • Organisational and process optimisations as a basis for DevOps and CI/CD
  • Full focus on customer enablement
  • Delivery pipeline concept from development through to production
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation based on customer tool stack
  • Broad knowledge of best practices and market-leading tools
  • Monitoring, KPIs and reporting along the whole process
  • Integration of test automation

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Benefits of a fully automated delivery pipeline

We provide custom-tailored solutions for continuous integration and delivery, and DevOps principles with focus on customer enablement.

  • Reduce time to market to be ahead of competitors
  • Minimise expensive failures and downtimes in production
  • No time-consuming handovers and dependencies between departments
  • Fast feedback for development teams
  • Monitoring, KPIs and reporting along the delivery process

Ensuring the success of your business

Enterprise and Application Assessments

Together we look at your IT landscape, your organisational processes, your value streams and your tech-stack. For the evaluation of the current processes, we use a custom-tailored maturity matrix.

Based on the applications with the highest impact, we develop a detailed concept and architecture for CI/CD pipelines and process improvements, which can be used as a blueprint for onboarding further applications and scale to business level.

Become a DevOps high-performer

Together we develop a custom-tailored strategy and architecture to successfully introduce DevOps and CI/CD at business scale. We start with business and application assessments to evaluate the current state of your organisational processes, value streams, IT-landscape and tech-stack. Based on the assessments we cover the following areas

- Organisation & Collaboration

- Delivery Processes

- Tools & Infrastructure Management

- Monitoring, KPIs and Metrics


Have a common goal, Change culture as well as process – focus on enablement, Decentralise authority and control, Work as a single team, Do not depend on one hero, Deliver value at every sprint

Delivery Processes

Remove waste (time, defects, transportation), Optimise flow along value streams, Deploy small changes and often Continuous delivery and automated pipeline, Continuous testing, Test before code


Tech roadmap for ops strategy, Create repeatable delivery systems, Treat infrastructure as code, Deploy code at any time, Use metrics to improve, Monitoring and feedback loop for anything that moves, Measure the cost of delay

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