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With decades of professional experience, we are devoted to support our partners in order to ensure growth and the return of investments. We offer services covering the entire software delivery lifecycle and solutions in line with the latest market trends.

We believe that:

  • Transparency and collaboration are NOT buzzwords
  • Flexibility and analytical approach are essential for delivering successful projects
  • Teamwork and autonomy help us to achieve the goals we relentlessly pursue

We design and deliver solutions:

  • Based on the latest innovative technologies
  • Focusing on business value and time-to-market speed
  • Following an agile, customer centric approach
  • By prioritising quality and business​ efficiency
  • By operating in a focused, knowledge sharing and mutually supportive model

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Building perfectly balanced solutions from scratch

  • Nowadays, information technology has become an indispensable part of business. A perfectly built and functioning IT solution is an essential asset to any company’s business
  • Choosing the best approach to a problem requires expertise. It needs a careful selection of capabilities, tools and technologies designed to produce the best results
  • Quality is ensured by practical control points and feedback loops that are built into the development process. Quality assurance does not end with the handover and completion of individual projects but continues with customer support provided during the warranty period

A unique portfolio that covers the full lifecycle

With a strong portfolio covering the entire lifecycle of software development, Qualysoft can help identify the weak points and support its partners to achieve their business and IT targets.

We appreciate the importance of outstanding quality in software development. We design our project methodology based on both international and Hungarian experience. The established procedure accurately defines the methods, tools and actors required for the successful implementation of a project. We prefer to be agile but have extensive experience in the traditional, plan-driven approach as well.

Our custom software development portfolio consists of:

  • Business and IT consulting
  • Low-code, Workflow Automation (RPA)
  • Automated software testing with market-leading solutions
  • Custom software development
  • DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud services

We also have an extended network of partners in order to help you find the most suitable solution for each problem.

Ensuring the success of your business

The absolute measure of success is customer satisfaction

We know that high standard customer service can win our clients’ hearts, make us recognisable and stand out from the competition. To make sure that the interests of our clients are always met, we thrive for frequent and transparent communication. Dedicated ownership helps to break down silos. The team remains engaged and vested in the business users to ensure that the work continues to generate extraordinary business value.

Holistic Approach

We aim for an overview of your organisation to see how existing systems and processes match the current business needs. Next, we bring all stakeholders on board to develop the new solution together. Combining our know-how and experience with your business knowledge and industry leading tools is the key for achieving groundbreaking results.

Agile First

The focuses are on delivering business value, the iterative and incremental way of agile proved to be the best approach in the majority of complex software development projects. Embracing the agile values and principles, working in cross-functional teams and using established frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban maximises the success rate of our projects.


Creating meaningful points of difference for products and services is imperative to attract consumers and increase loyalty. We aim to help our clients to discover, evolve, scale, accelerate, expand, optimise and mobilise the ideas, which can lead to successful innovations and increased market share.

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