Microsoft Power Platform

Build your own unique business application with just a few clicks; solve the most frequent issues and automatise usual and recurring tasks

Using Power Platform tools make it possible to solve the most unique pain factors in your company

Do this without any development skills or experience. With a couple of clicks, you can make an app for your company and can benefit from the AI-based solutions. Do you want to connect to social media platforms? Not a problem. You can create an automatic task, which will notify you when there is activity on your company’s social media site. Additionally, you can make various and detailed dynamic report dashboards for your company from data sources, like Excel, SharePoint, MS Access, SQL and many other independent sources. It gives your company the opportunity to bridge over the gaps with modern and powerful solutions.

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Save Resources and be Effective

Unique solutions and automated tasks

You can combine the solutions to do more. Build a practical and beautiful front-end view and connect automatised workflow for effectiveness. Register the results on a personalised report and make it visible on a detailed dashboard. Make it accessible for everyone across the company to increase productivity. 

Power Apps

This is a low-coding tool that provides the opportunity to build apps to fit your company, all under a couple of minutes; share them with colleagues and use them on every device. You can use them to handle the pain points or give a unique app for your employees to be productive.

Power of Automation

This workflow engine makes it possible for your employees to use Power Automate to be more effective. Everyone can build a unique automated workflow using templates or starting blank for unique needs.

Power BI

With this data visualisation tool, you can discover useful information hidden in your data. It supports many data sources and allows to build very detailed charts, dashboards and graphs to make information visible using your data.

Power Virtual Agent

Keep in touch with your customers by using a custom chatbot. It can be built into apps like Skype, Facebook, PowerApps and more. Do not miss the opportunity and let the chatbot connect with every interested customer and always collect information.

Easy and Fast

The Power Platform tools are made as an easy solution. You can build services and solutions in a few minutes with a couple of clicks, without any developing experience.

Unique and Independent

The tools are customisable and have many pre-defined connectors that allow them to connect to and work with numerous data sources. This makes Power Platform independent and powerful.

Powerful alone, better together

Each tool or service is great and powerful alone, but by combining them you can leverage all advantages of Power Platform. You can build a complex solution for both your company and your customers, and you can improve your solution with minimal resource usage and countable cost.

Build a unique solution to handle all the individual pain points that your company suffers from.
Learn valuable information from your data that you can use to improve productivity or find weaknesses.
Give your team the opportunity to make recurring tasks automated, resulting in satisfied and productive employees.
Have the automated solutions or chatbots be always available to your customers, thus avoid missing opportunities.
Like everything in the cloud, Power Platform is continuously developed, so you can benefit from and improve your solutions.

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