Customs and Taxation System Tax Suite

C@TS Taxation System Fundamentals

The e-taxation system C@TS (Customs and Taxation System) offers a wide range of modules covering all proces­ses of fiscal administration: from the registration of taxpayers through to reporting and payment collection. The filing of tax returns includes information collection that is processed via online platforms and adjusted to the respective requirements. Account management includes the auto­mated calculation of interest and fines, taking into account all types of taxes such as VAT and excise tax, as well as taxes on property and income, all can be implemented quickly using C@TS.

Developed in Austria, C@TS is an integral solution that can be implemented in any tax administration project around the world. The system can be translated into different languages and implemented in other countries with only a few adjust­ments. This way, we keep the duration of our projects short.

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All-in-one solution for your e-Taxation needs

Seamlessly integratable

Our experts seamlessly integrate third-party systems such as the Central Register of Residents, the companies‘register, the treasury, customs authorities and social insurance systems – thus ensuring the exchange of data between authorities.

Leveraging all advantages of C@TS

Our experts implement modules for case and document management as well as risk assessment. During the course of a project, historically progressed processes and form sheets are checked and revised, only if required.

Taxpayer Registration

Taxpayer details include the name, address, existing tax numbers, contact details and all data that is available on a registration form for a tax regime. Depending on the regime, the details need to be captured can differ.

Return Sheets

This service identifies all taxpayers, tax type and tax period, and creates return sheets in the system. All return sheets will get an expected return date assigned (according to the legal situation), which forms the basis for further processing.


The system uses one tax account per taxpayer to record all financial transactions. This account offers the option to distinguish between different revenue codes depending on the tax types.

Tax Credits/ Refunds

The transfer to the taxpayer’s account can be included in the payment files and exchanged with banks. This option depends on agreements with banks and the structure of the received bank files.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is based on the rules the administration defines. Each rule points to one or more fields in the database. Alternatively, rules can be based on calculated values.

Case Management

C@TS enables users to create cases in the system for appeals, certification, enforcement, audits, debt management, etc.

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