Beyond the Flow Experience - Microsoft Power Automate

Take Care of What’s Important. Automate the Rest.


The flow experience is nothing less than becoming completely captivated by your task in hand, when time almost stands still, and external factors fade away. 


Anyone who has ever experienced this state of mind at work will know that this flow is not only extremely powerful, but also has a positive and stimulating effect on performance, motivation, and well-being. In short, it makes it ideal for mastering complex tasks.


Unfortunately, in the modern work environment, where meetings go one after another and hundreds of emails must be answered on short notice, it is almost impossible to focus entirely on the task to be accomplished. Or not?


Microsoft's Platform - Power Automate (formerly known as Flow) helps you in making everyday work a flow experience. It can be used to effortlessly automate both simple (e.g. automatic saving of email attachments) and highly complex workflows (e.g. lead management, invoice processing).


What can Power Automate be used for?

Automation of repetitive, simple tasks: Empower everyone to build automated processes using low-code, drag-and-drop tools. The application can work with 300 data sources and users can get started with hundreds of pre-defined template automation (e.g. automatic email attachment saving to OneDrive or Google Drive, automatic notification of sales team when a new opportunity is created).

Automation of Business Processes: Besides simple tasks, the application also allows complex, multi-step business process automation (e.g. sales, e-commerce, HR) (e.g. automation of lead-to-opportunity conversion sales process in a CRM system).

Automation of Digital processes: Users can easily build cross-application cloud-based automation. More than that, using the AI Builder you can quickly process forms using document automation, plus process approvals, detect images and text, or create with prebuilt models.

RPA (Robotic process automation, machine learning): Power Automate's RPA capabilities allow companies to interlink desktop applications and workflows that do not have an API connection (e.g. automatically capture a sales meeting memo in the CRM system).​​​


Microsoft Power Automate Benefits

Easy to Set Up  - Empower everyone to build automated processes with Power Automate thanks to its low-code platform, which has drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors. This means anyone from a basic business user to an IT professional can create automated processes in your organization.  

Streamline Daily Business Tasks – Apart from automating repetitive everyday tasks, Power Automate will allow you to assign priority to business events. You'll also get notifications whenever a high-priority event occurs. You can rest assured that, with Power Automate, you'll never miss an important email ever again. How about having all your everyday business tasks arranged in order of priority? 

Make Data-Based Decisions - Data collection and analysis is not a walk in the park when you don't have the right tools. Businesses that use Power Automate will not need to face these issues. Power Automate will collect data from your business processes and send it back to you and your team. You can base all your business decisions on accurate, timely, and well-presented data and information. 

Reduce Costly Human Errors - Automation of repetitive tasks means little to no mistakes in your business processes. In addition, automation provides a sense of direction and organization. Your employees will be more confident and relieved while handling their tasks. The result is a more satisfied and dedicated workforce. 

Seamless Integrations - If your business uses other Microsoft solutions such as OneDrive, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint, or more, it is extremely easy to get started with Power Automate. There are over 250 applications both within and outside the Microsoft eco-system that Power Automate can integrate with. One benefit of this is the ease of transferring data to and from your applications. You can easily create automated workflows between numerous applications and speed up your processes. 

Mobile Access - The Power Automate app allows you to monitor your business processes from home or on the go. Team members can create, run, and monitor workflow from wherever they are. In today's digital business environment, all businesses need to always be on their toes, ready to deal with emerging issues.


Whom is Power Automate recommended for?

Power Automate is an excellent choice for any company looking to make its operational work and business processes more efficient and accurate. Simple automation in operational work helps colleagues work better and create the working conditions needed for a 'flow experience', while more complex automation - whether RPA or AI-based - enables complex processes across business areas to run more efficiently, without errors.


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