Microsoft PowerApps – CanvasApps - Overview

Create High-Productivity Apps for Your Business With a Rich Set of Tools


The spread of low-code and no-code platforms is one of the most exciting topics of digitalization. How can users with little to no coding experience build a functioning, secure and integrated app? Is it possible to interconnect different data sources at a system level, along with simple Excel and PowerPoint-like rules?


PowerApps, as part of the Microsoft Power Platform portfolio, enables companies to create professional applications around their unique needs without dedicated developers. Equipped with the right capabilities, the software can not only optimize resources, but also boost efficiency between teams, and solve complex business problems that require:

  • Connecting different data sources;
  • Close and effective collaboration between multiple business areas;
  • Automation of processes and tasks.

PowerApps users can basically create two types of applications: canvas-driven apps and model-driven apps. In today's article, we will focus on canvas-driven applications.

What are canvas-driven applications?


Canvas-based applications enable users to create fully customized, mobile and desktop-compatible interfaces without any prior coding knowledge.

Using the PowerApps drag&drop editing interface, the building blocks of the app can be easily placed on the app interface, custom tailored and individually scaled, just like in a CMS system. In addition to fully customized solutions, the system also includes a number of pre-defined templates that can be used as inspiration or guide when creating an application.

The integration of applications created within PowerApps is facilitated by more than 420 built-in connectors, but there is also the possibility to connect external data sources through the development of APIs and unique connectors.

Benefits of canvas-based applications:

  • Ideal choice for implementing task- and role-specific solutions
  • Empower everyone to build apps, as minimal prior coding knowledge is required. You also benefit from an intuitive user experience
  •  Tailored to individual business needs - since the application can be built on blank "canvases"
  • Drive innovation across your business by infusing digital capabilities into manual and outdated processes

Canvas-based applications are not always the right solution for any type of business and context. Read our article on model-based apps and find out which one is the most suited for your needs!

The full potential of PowerApps

Beyond offering excellent process and task digitalization capabilities independently of specific industries, the true value of PowerApps stands in its integration. Not only is the software compatible with the full range of the Power Platform applications, but can incorporate data from most of Microsoft's products, and other third-party software. This embedding allows efficient information sharing between different teams, a continuous common understanding of stakeholders, and enables integrated, controlled, and secure day-to-day work.


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