Our all-rounder package with feel-good guarantee.

Our all-rounder package with feel-good guarantee.


With the keywords "MyLife@Qualysoft", a program was created that represented our benefits.

In the meantime, this has grown into a wide-ranging feel-good package that guarantees you a perfect work environment from the very first second.

This varies in its range - here and there - depending on the country. We will be happy to provide you with details in our first personal meeting or when you contact us.


YOU + WE = Qualysoft

  • For us, you as a person count. 

Always with the focus on you as a person, we drive the company success forward together. We live by the motto "give and take". After you show us every day anew that you can simply be relied on, we are available with full support when you have the corresponding need. Whether it's switching to part-time, taking a longer break, or the increased need to work from home.

  • Together we write "memories for a lifetime".

We have the motto "together we are strong" in our blood. It is obvious that many employees refer to us as family. Due to our motivated drive and hands-on mentality only few can stop us. Promises that go beyond the noncommittal conversation and patient paperwork and are lived out, a culture of trust, as well as constant encounters at eye level - from trainee to owner - are what set us apart.

At the same time, our team spirit cannot be tamed. Employee events of all kinds - whether it's a multi-day team event, our already standard employee summer party with family, our legendary Christmas parties, regular after-work get-togethers, our joint office breakfast, our international virtual coffee roulette, or playing sports together before or after work - make your year with us colorful and ensure lots of fun.

TOGETHER WE climb the top.

  • With us the sky has no limit.

Annual employee development meetings are a firmly implemented standard at our company. We look back on the past year together, jointly set goals for the new year, look at your potential that we can support and determine various personnel development measures for the current year that are geared to your needs and those of the company.

If internal vacancies become available, we live by the motto "internal promotion before external recruitment".

  • Because standing still equals stepping back.

In our day-to-day work, everyone's door is wide open at all times - within the framework of our open-door policy. Winds of change and new ideas of any kind are always welcome.

YOU are dear to our heart.

  • Because work affects a large part of our day.

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. It's clear that for us, "office is not just office". Rather, with stylish furnishings and many loving details, we guarantee you an environment where you can fully live out your professional lifeblood. To ensure that your energy reserves are always filled, we provide you with appropriate meal vouchers as a voluntary social benefit.

You can fully live out your expertise, professional experience and commitment in our exciting, international projects and intercultural teams - with plenty of room for maneuver.

  • It's all about well-being.

Health was, is and will remain one of the most important topics in our lives. In our day-to-day business we support you with a company health management system that is tailored to our company - whether it's individual measures, our guaranteed work-life balance, or the ergonomic work environment in our offices.

WE sign this blindly.

  • We live flexibility.

Regardless of location or time. With a strong focus on personal responsibility and creative freedom - within certain limits - and always taking into account the operational needs and necessity - you have plenty of room for maneuver with us.

With our IT equipment tailored to your needs, you are always mobile at short notice - whether you are on a business trip or working from home.


  • Transparency doesn't only sound good.

We live open communication. Whether in a personal conversation, via the daily news point on our intranet, or at our regular Quarterly Employee Meeting.


  • We take on social responsibility.

For us, "social responsibility" is not just a buzzword that is used but is lived out in everyday life.
From fundraising campaigns to auctions, we support wherever we can. At the same time, protecting our environment - from the glass bottle to the e-car to the increasingly paperless office - is a top priority.

WE "on the road" to the "best place to be".

  • We guarantee you the "office with a view".

Our offices are located at extraordinary locations, where a visit to the office here and there - thanks to the indescribable view - even invites you to dream in between.

  • Mobility is guaranteed with us.

Whether you travel by public transport, your own car, a company car (depending on the position) or an e-bike - with us you will reach your destination quickly thanks to our great connections.

From parking, to the local job ticket, to the financial subsidy for the Klimaticket, we support you - with a package tailored to your needs - in the most carefree journey to the office.

WE provide you with the advantage.

  • With us, shopping queens and kings as well as bargain hunters get their money's worth.

Benefits without discounts? Not with us!
With our wide range of cooperations, everyone can find their desired bargain.