Every single day we strive to provide the right environment for our staff members to deliver extraordinary performance

Every single day we strive to provide the right environment for our staff members to deliver extraordinary performance


Our corporate values reflect what is important to us:

We are infinitely flexible, creating enthusiasm among our customers with exciting and innovative solutions. In doing so, we attach great importance to responsible action and maximum reliability. We address any issue emphatically, even complex issues, always seeking to provide the solutions our customers need.

We seek to provide an optimum environment for our staff members which allows them to tap their full potential. What matters to us is to feel good in a familiar environment and to work together to achieve success.


MyLife@Qualysoft means:


A flexible workplace

  • Working hours – Our working hours scheme strongly focuses on self-responsibility and freedom of discretion. Within certain limits, i.e. in accordance with business requirements, you may fix your daily and weekly working hours on your own, in consultation with your superior and colleagues. We are also open-minded about individual periods of leave.
  • Home office – Depending on the job at hand and business requirements, staff members may work at home, in consultation with their superior and colleagues. Selected IT solutions provide support with online meetings, in-company chat tools etc. for staff members working at home.
  • Full accessibility – Our branch offices are usually located in buildings that guarantee full accessibility. Obviously, this applies not only to accessibility of toilets but also of main elevators.

Sports, health & recreation

  • Staff events & sports activities – We keep our employees running and offer various events and activities, depending on the season. Our events include, for example, our employee summer party, our Christmas party and team building activities. In the Quarterly Employee Meeting, our management as well as individual departments regularly inform about current topics - at the same time the questions of our employees are answered.
  • Corporate health management – Quality of life is one of our key issues. That's why corporate health promotion is an integral part of our “MyLife@Qualysoft” scheme. This includes the ergonomic design of the work environment, first aid training and other occupational safety measures.
  • Drinks & fruit – Coffee and tea as well as juices and water are provided for our staff members. At almost all our branch offices, fresh fruit are provided every day, in line with our health management policy.
  • Cafeteria – Individual branch offices include a cafeteria offering a variety of meals and a salad buffet. They also offer breakfast.
  • Restaurant Vouchers - The "well-being" of our employees is very important to us. Under the motto "Enjoy My Life @ Qualysoft" and the associated monthly serving of Restaurant Pass vouchers, we would like to make our active contribution to this. The serving of the vouchers is a voluntary social benefit.


  • Cell phones for staff members – Our staff members are provided with company cell phones if this is required in the context of their respective function.
  • Internet use – The Internet may also be used for private purposes. You can at any time access all company-relevant data from your home and when you are on the road. Please always consider your work-life balance – there is no need for you to be available anywhere at any time!


  • Parking – Sufficient parking space is available at all our locations, either directly at the company premises or in underground car parks.
  • Excellent public transport connections – All our branch offices can be reached perfectly by means of public transport (bus, train, subway).
  • Company cars – Company cars are made available selectively for specific groups of staff members.

Training and further education

Training and further education, and the related development of our staff members are matters that are close to our heart, not least because this contributes to the development of innovations and also ensures maximum quality and best possible services for the benefit of our customers. These development goals and directions are defined in annual personnel development reviews. We attach great importance to skills and talent management, regularly evaluate staff members, and concentrate on enhancing their personal development. This does not only apply to executive functions but also to technical careers.

Discounts for staff members

We want to help make the lives of our employees easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, we offer a wide range of benefits oriented to the needs of our employees: from cheap shopping to various cooperations.