Marketing Automation

Automate marketing processes quickly and flexibly

Why you need marketing automation

You can use a marketing automation tool to handle integrated, multi-level campaigns at the click of a button. Each customer interaction along the customer journey is managed centrally across all channels. Digitized and automated processes collect and analyze all customer data. Planned activities are launched across all touch points in a customized way – from the first e-mail to the report.   

Qualysoft supports you in your efforts to establish a successful marketing automation system – from the needs analysis and implementing the right marketing automation tool through to training. 

Integration into your existing tool landscape

Marketing automation is so much more than just an e-mail marketing tool. Having the right marketing automation tool helps you efficiently generate leads, follow user engagement along the customer journey, as well as find and work on future potential customers. To make best use of all these functions, it needs to be integrated into your existing tool landscape and linked especially to Marketing and CRM.   

Qualysoft helps you find a marketing automation tool that is perfectly tailored to your needs and that can be optimally linked to your CRM system, enabling your team to automatically access all customer information in real time, personalize each and every step of the customer journey, and attract leads with targeted content.   

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Marketing automation assessment

We have the tailored solution for you   

From independent advice on the right tool for you to its implementation – Qualysoft is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Within the scope of our marketing automation assessment, our experts will come to you and help you define your needs and goals, as well as successfully implement the system.    

  • We determine your status quo using a professional process analysis.   
  • All stakeholders are brought together around one table – decision-makers and key users work out their needs.  
  • Together, they will define the goals of having a new e-mail marketing tool.  

If necessary, Qualysoft will help you choose the right tool and support you during the implementation and training process.   

360° customer profile

Draw up a detailed customer overview in order to design a personalized way of addressing each customer. Keep track of changing customer needs and reconcile these with the right product or service.

Lead management

Identify the best channels for generating leads, rate the hottest leads and focus on these. Analyze your lead conversion pipeline and improve your marketing activities at every phase of the lead life cycle.

Campaign management

Design, manage and rate omnichannel marketing campaigns of any kind and complexity. Rate the efficiency and optimize your campaigns using the Creatio analysis tools.

CHECKLIST: Marketing Automation made easy

Marketing automation assessment

Creatio CRM

Low-code Platform for successful Customer Relationship Management and Process Management

Adito CRM

A CRM system that scores with industry know-how and perfectly covers the needs of small and medium-sized companies

Creatio Studio

Leverage low-code technology to provide non-IT employees with the ability to build apps and processes they need

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an automated application, aims to provide all the tools SMBs need to execute successful marketing campaigns across several channels