Microsoft Modern Workplace

A modern solution to defeat the limits, improve productivity and satisfaction without security compromises but with self-supported IT infrastructure and countable costs

Let the whole world be your office

Our life has changed, everything is faster, borders are disappearing, and companies must keep up with the competition. The modern workplace provides a good solution to give freedom to employees to work from anywhere without compromises. The cloud is becoming part of our everyday life and presents endless opportunities for everyone. It provides a great opportunity, both for your employees and IT, as the cloud could reduce the use of IT support and the number of IT assets.

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Moving Your IT Assets to the Cloud

With Microsoft Modern Workplace solution, you can improve employee productivity and satisfaction, create seamless and limitless communication and collaboration while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data.

Working Limitless

This is not just a nice phrase but nowadays the expectation from employees. Take the opportunity and provide more for find the best employees from around the world.

Adventages for Everyone

This solution will benefit your whole company. You can reduce IT costs because of the countable price and replace your local IT assets with modern, cloud-based solutions.


Everything is accessible from every platform. For instance, from smartphones, tablets, Linux and of course Windows. This gives more freedom for employees and the “Bring Your Own Devices” solution provides a great opportunity for everyone to use a private asset for work, with fully separated profiles.

Use the power of the cloud in your company

Replace the local solution with modern, cloud-based features and provide a unique environment and great experience for employees. Use the tools that make collaboration easier than ever. Edit documents at the same time from OneDrive, stay in touch with everyone on Teams and follow your tasks with Planner from any device. Do all of this under the protection of AI-based Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Gives freedom for employees to use any device: smartphones and tablets, Linux or Windows.
Keep your assets safe with Conditional Access, Remote Wipe and Azure Information Protection.
Manage company assets from the cloud without having to worry about necessary updates.
Keep profiles in OneDrive to safely store and share documents, saving time and effort when changing the device.
White Glow or Autopilot provides a seamless and fast device preparation without any IT support.

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