Whistleblower Policy

Information about the Whistleblowing Procedure: why is it important, what it contains and how the reporting system works.


Whistleblowing Procedure​​​​​​


In accordance with the EU Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and Council, also in line with the new law entered into force in Hungary related to the Whistleblower Protection, Qualysoft established an Internal Whistleblowing Procedure with the aim of ensuring that its day-to-day operation complies with the provisions of the law and also provide a framework for reporting internal abuses and their investigation. This initiative strengthens the business culture based on fair behavior.

It has always been extremely important for the Company, as an employer or business partner, to receive first-hand information from its colleagues, partners or customers about possible abuses, violations of interests and rights that may occur at the Company.

By implementing the Whistleblowing procedure, reporting system, and whistleblower protection measures, persons who are entitled to make a notification can receive swift and effective protection, their complaints can be properly investigated and effectively addressed, thus contributing to a balanced, partnership-based corporate culture.

The Whistleblowing Procedure applies to concerns related to suspected or actual criminal activity, unethical conduct, or other misconduct, including but not limited to (suspected) violations of (EU) law by or within Qualysoft:

Any person entitled to report abuse may report concerns by submitting the appropriate "Whistleblowing Form" (available in Whistleblowing Procedure - Annex 1).

The utmost care will be taken to protect the identity of whistleblowers and the confidentiality of such reports, in compliance with the data protection rules concerning whistleblowing and the applicable laws and regulations.