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Accelerate your software testing with DevOps

To thrive in today's dynamic business environment, organizations need the agility to perform rapid and continuous software application development and delivery. Effective collaboration between the test, development, test automation, and operations teams is critical to success. Employing DevOps methodologies such as DevTestOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, and Continuous Testing can help organizations meet dynamic customer demands and gain a competitive advantage.

We place great emphasis on implementing comprehensive end-to-end software testing processes tailored to DevOps requirements. By adopting a shift-left approach and assembling a skilled team of development engineers, testing can be accelerated and code quality improved.

Additionally, we use continuous testing and crowd testing to ensure the DevOps test environment is maintained consistently across the organization.

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Experience streamlined continuous delivery

Our automated frameworks and toolkits, purpose-built for DevOps and Agile Quality Assurance (QA), help you increase your QA efficiency and achieve your business goals. With these resources, you can streamline your testing processes and reduce the time and effort required for manual testing.

The last advantages are:

1. Accelerate the delivery lifecycle with automated precision – Eliminate human error and ensure flawless project execution through our automated DevOps processes.

2. Improve application stability and maximize uptime - Work seamlessly with operations and development teams, minimize downtime and achieve system consistency with instant feedback.

3. Increase efficiencies with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) based data analysis – Achieve unprecedented efficiencies by leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML data analysis capabilities that enable accurate testing and optimal case selection.

4. Streamline testing with agile sprints – Reduce testing time and ensure seamless application performance by leveraging consistent sprints and compelling user stories, improving the efficiency of continuous testing.

DevOps QA Testing Services

Qualysoft has a well-established DevOps testing department to support you every step of the way on your intelligent automation journey to adopt agile and DevOps methodologies.

DevOps cloud optimization

We provide you with valuable insights into the use of your cloud resources, including current and historical data. Based on our findings, we can recommend the best course of action, such as: For example, changing, scaling, or reallocating Reserved Instances (RIs) to optimize your workload and maximize cost savings.

DevOps Audit

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your release pipeline from a QA perspective and identifies improvement opportunities to enhance your development process. We implement Agile best practices to create a framework for collaboration between your development and QA teams, ensuring a successful and streamlined workflow.

Shift-Left Testing Approach

Empower your business with a skilled DevOps software testing team that seamlessly supports continuous delivery. We conduct rigorous quality checks of enterprise software after each change, using unit testing, integration testing, automated acceptance testing, and other state-of-the-art methods.

Synchronized test-driven development

Foster a collaborative and synchronized environment where SCRUM teams work seamlessly together to create testable and deployable code in every iteration. This is how we increase agility and deliver exceptional results.

Continuous Testing with CI/CD

Achieve continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery with our standardized templates, streamlined processes, and comprehensive checklists. This allows us to enable faster software releases and ensure the highest quality.

DevOps environment and data management

Simplify your operations with on-demand setup, configuration, migration, planning, and general maintenance of DevOps environments. In this way we ensure smooth creation, real-time search and efficient management of the test data.

Advanced monitoring and analysis

Use the power of AI-powered technology and a unified dashboard equipped with connectors to leading DevOps tools. In this way, we provide real-time data for informed decisions, proactive monitoring and comprehensive analysis.

Accelerate your quality assurance

A solid plan needs to be put in place to ensure your quality assurance with Agile and DevOps testing services. Only by adopting these practices can you increase the overall quality of your quality assurance processes to bring your products to market effectively.

We support you in a seamless transition to Agile/DevOps through efficient, automated and intelligent QA services that:

  • Leverage DevOps technologies such as DevTestOps, AIOps, and continuous testing;
  • Streamline testing at every stage of your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to ensure rapid software release;
  • Introducing QA implementations and test upgrades to improve DevOps strategy;
  • Integrate, create and organize end-to-end test automation techniques;
  • Assess and implement accurate DevOps models and DevOps tools;
  • Continuous monitoring to improve quality through performance monitoring.

Qualysoft DevOps testing process

Our comprehensive testing approach includes the following phases:


Plan – We develop and plan our testing process with a focus on analysis, prioritization and requirements review

Develop – We review source code, develop test cases and framework designs, and implement automated unit tests

Testing - We cover functional, automation, performance and security testing to ensure the highest level of quality

Deploy - We provide tool partnerships and performance analyzers for a successful deployment

Operations – We enable acceptance testing and configuration management for smooth operations

Monitor - We monitor and maintain the test environment and provide production support and continuous quality


Differentiators of Qualysoft DevOps Testing Services

Qualysoft offers the DevOps testing service as a combination of leading testing competence and DevOps expertise.

  • Effortless 24/7 release management

Plan your releases without inconvenience because the release infrastructure is available 99% of the time.

  • 20+ DevOps experts

A world-class team of QA experts constantly monitors every step of your release pipeline.

  • Updated DevOps testing technologies

We use the latest DevOps technologies in our comprehensive testing routine, including DevTestOps, AIOps and Continuous Testing.

Test us in an assessment workshop

The starting point of a cooperation is usually a customer-specific assessment workshop, in which we analyze the status quo of an application or your IT landscape. You will receive a detailed plan from us for further action, a cost estimate and the expected ROI.

  • Enterprise Assessment

Together we take a look at your IT landscape, your value streams and your tech stack. Based on the applications that add the most value and require an increase in quality or speed of change, a customized plan to introduce or optimize test automation is created.

  • Application Assessment

When introducing test automation for an application or a small number of applications, a detailed assessment of all required aspects of the application and its surrounding systems is carried out. For the evaluation, we use our maturity matrix to define the maturity of the domain in different categories and to create a risk matrix. Based on the evaluation, the test approach is defined and planned.


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