Qualysoft was founded in Vienna in 1999 as a company specializing in resource management and software development

Qualysoft was founded in Vienna in 1999 as a company specializing in resource management and software development; it has enjoyed constant growth ever since. With its innovative solutions in the areas of customer experience management, application services, and e-government, Qualysoft is now one of Europe's leading providers of IT services.

As a future-oriented IT consultancy and service company, Qualysoft has been flexibly adapting to the needs of its customers since the very beginning. In the early stages, there was still a need for the company to specialize heavily in individual IT systems, but now integrated IT platforms and tailored services are the order of the day.

Having consistently developed its portfolio and with the experience that it has built up over many years through numerous successful projects, Qualysoft is able to offer its customers comprehensive advice, highly complex solutions, and individually tailored software developments that conform to the latest standards. The company's success is based on its ability to deal creatively with the constantly changing market requirements, its high level of flexibility, and its consistent approach to accommodating individual customer requirements.


Consulting & Development

Qualysoft Romania achieves great success in the area of Consulting & Development.


This year goes down as the most profitable year in the history of Qualysoft Hungary.

First site in Asia

Plans drawn up to open the first site in Asia. Firm arrangements already in place for projects to be carried out locally by Qualysoft in conjunction with existing customers from Austria. In addition, the company becomes a project partner for major customer projects in the USA.

50 new CRM specialists

At the start of the year, Qualysoft undergoes massive expansion, hiring more than 50 new CRM specialists in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In Germany, two new sites are set up in Munich and Hamburg. In addition, the first Swiss branch is opened in Sursee. In 2015, the INFINICA software that was originally developed by Qualysoft becomes an independent subsidiary company. The two companies continue to cooperate closely, particularly in the area of ongoing e-government projects.


In 2014, Qualysoft embarks on one of the company's biggest ever projects: to set up a site in Albania. Together with its partner wedoIT and the INFINICA team (which will later be spun off as a separate entity), Qualysoft starts introducing a central electronic tax system on behalf of the Albanian Ministry of Finance. The project is completed in 2015, creating the foundation for major e-government projects that will be carried out in other countries within Europe and Asia in the future.

Follow the customer

As in the previous year, Qualysoft sticks to the "follow the customer" principle and uses existing cooperative relationships with customers as a springboard for expanding into new countries. A site in Ukraine is established as part of a major customer project. Qualysoft can see that there is still a lot of market potential to be tapped into and so commits to maintaining the Ukraine site as a nearshore development center.


In 2007, a successful customer project in Austria provides an opportunity to roll out the internally developed IT solution in Romania as well. Thanks to the growth in orders and employees, it is not long before the site in Bucharest is set up.

Peter Oros and Qualysoft

Peter Oros becomes the third part owner of the company and takes up the position of CEO. Prior to this, he had been responsible for managing the Austrian and Hungarian subsidiaries of GFT Technologies (a listed German company) since 1999. Even then, cooperation between Peter Oros and Qualysoft was extremely close. In 2006, the two national companies of GFT Technologies are spun off and Peter Oros integrates his own teams into Qualysoft. As a result, the portfolio is massively expanded through the addition of services such as business process management, portal development, and special nearshore projects. This expansion of the core competencies creates the foundation for the future central lines of business. It is also in 2006 that development work on INFINICA begins, a software package for document management. Right from the start, one of the company’s key ambitions was to be innovative. As a result, it has always attached a great deal of importance to R&D and cooperation with universities and other higher education institutions. In fact, it was a cooperation of this very kind that created the basis for INFINICA.


The site in Serbia is established following the commissioning of an extensive customer project.

Start setting up the site in Budapest

In 2001, the company starts setting up the site in Budapest, the opening of which is linked to its strong nearshore philosophy. The aim is to send complex projects to Hungary with a view to harnessing international synergies. With its offices in Budapest and Pécs, the Hungarian operation is now Qualysoft's largest branch location. And, with its clear focus on acting as an in-house nearshore development center, Qualysoft Hungary now employs more than 350 specialists.

First German branch

Following receipt of the first customer projects, the first German branch of Qualysoft is soon opened.

Tamás Simon and Robert Mayer combine their two companies

After working in Germany and Austria, Tamás Simon and Robert Mayer (both originally from Hungary) combine their two companies and set up Qualysoft GmbH in Vienna in August 1999 with an initial workforce of five people. The main focus of the company is on resource management and software development. In the course of its history, Qualysoft has continued to show strong growth – at a rate of up to 25 percent a year. It aims to maintain this trend in the future. That is why Qualysoft will continue investing heavily in the development of modern IT solutions with a view to consolidating its strong market position in Europe and Asia.