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Customised Incubator solutions will ensure the success of your business

Our offer for your challenge

You want your company to grow and you are searching for remarkably good professionals in the IT branch, but you cannot find any?

To find competent IT experts for your individual requirements is our core strength.

In Qualysoft Incubator Services we combine services all around the fast construction of your new location in Serbia or Hungary: from the concept creation through the recruitment of a quick-witted team, and to the completion of all administrative activities.

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Qualysoft Group employees provide the necessary resources for the implementation of a project

Our highly qualified IT specialists, with experience in numerous industries, get involved in your current or new projects to ensure implementation within the specified time frame. It is also possible to hand over the complete resource planning for IT projects to us.

Benefits for your future

  • We take-over the administrative tasks and you can concentrate on the business
  • We find the best employees for your company
  • We offer you cost transparency throughout the whole incubator process
  • After the construction phase, you decide whether you want to leave the management of the location in our hands long-term, or whether you want to take over as a turnkey solution.

You can use our team of service providers in countries with less overheated job markets (e.g. Hungary, Romania, Serbia) and benefit from their local expertise

Based on our broad geographical location, we know the market conditions in the region, available resources and potential candidates.

By using complex recruiting techniques, individually tailored to your company and the respective position – we can also find experts in unique fields very quickly. For this purpose, your expectations are precisely identified in advance in professionally conducted interviews and the correct selection criterion is applied in an international context.

Our Know-How

Qualysoft provides you with quick and flexible access to highly trained IT specialists in a read-to-use environment. You will work with powerful teams that are hand-picked according to your requirements. We manage the operation of your location for the first three years and take care of the entire establishment.

We put together complete, competent, experienced and effectively collaborating teams for you

In addition to assembling the team, we are also happy to take on the construction of your new IT location. We find the best office solution for you and take care of all administrative and legal preparations. If you wish, you can leave the entire operation in our hands for the first three years.

You can see, we have thought about everything. Can it happen that when there is a particularly large or special project there are simply not enough specialists available? Yes, that is possible. But for events like this, we have developed an incubator service together with our customers.

Large Network

Qualysoft is a well-known player on the market. The best employees for your teams know and trust us.

Quick Set-up

Our numerous recruiters assemble the team according to your time and content requirements.

Flexible Time Model

After the construction phase, you decide whether you want to leave the management of the location in our hands long-term, or whether you want to take over as a turnkey solution.

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