IT Security

IT security is fundamental to every company and We should be able to count on it all the time, everywhere

IT security is essential

Nowadays, when cybercriminals are more active and the quantity of digitalised data is more than ever, we must respond and prepare for the rapidly evolving threats, it is not optional. Besides cyberattacks, we must also prepare for an unexpected natural disaster that can ruin everything. Backups are as important as the protection of our data and assets. We must store duplication of our sensitive data and keep them safe. Our company has experience in IT security solutions, backup solutions and everything that is essential to keep your company safe. Our professional teams will find the best solution for your needs. We can as well provide a complete solution or guidance if needed. We can support on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid environments. We know that the foundation of successful security is the “zero trust” principle and we work with this approach in mind.

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Advice, Solutions and more

Our company can implement complete security and backup solutions or give advice on how you can improve your IT security. We can also provide on-call support if needed.

To keep your infrastructure reliable and highly available, we can implement a monitoring system where you can see in real-time what is happening in your system and be informed of any suspicious activity.

One of the main aspects of security is the end-user, and to help them, we can organise workshops. We also hold presentations for our partners where everyone can hear about the latest information to improve cybersecurity.

IT Security is business critical

All business services are expected to add value to the operation of the company. When assessing business process risks and designing potential checkpoints, we always keep the security of business information in mind, as IT system vulnerabilities can not only cause financial losses but can harm interests by disclosing confidential information.

Nowadays, remote working is more popular than ever, and this brings many challenges to IT security. We can help to implement the following points to provide secure remote working for your employees:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Data protection (does not matter where the data is stored)
  • Conditional access
  • Monitoring

Incidents that compromise information comes mainly from outside of the organisation, however, the majority (intentional and unintentional) of damages to information occur in-house. The lack of information protection can cause serious losses, and IT risk has now clearly become a business risk. We know this and we can organise trainings or workshops for your employees. If needed, we can hold focused trainings for employees, departments, leaders, or admins, because they should handle cybersecurity with a different approach.

Entrust the professionals with your IT security

There is no compromise in security

Our team has experience in modern security; this is obligatory for everyone at Qualysoft. Threats are evolving faster than ever, every day we have to be prepared to deal with new vulnerabilities. To keep your company safe can be challenging but it should not be a must. Our team can make this task seamless and straightforward for you. We can improve your security with the most modern cloud-based solutions, or we can also improve your on-premise system.


Monitoring is necessary to keep the IT system under control, safe and stable. We can implement a complete monitoring system where both the expected and suspicious activities will be visible. If needed, we can install it with custom alerts.


Experience is very important when talking about IT security. Our company has over 10 years of experience in IT security, guaranteeing that we will find the optimal solution for you and your company, for the price and technical needs.

All Kind of Environments

We can help you in all cases, whether you have on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid environment. Our teams will find the best way to improve your security.

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