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Build new locations fast and without risk

Our Nearshore concept supports your business in the safe setup of a new location (e. g. shared service centres) with a focus on the CEE region

You need support for your IT projects but cannot find the right IT specialists? Or you want to expand your IT teams cost-effectively and flexibly? Use the know-how of your Qualysoft contact person – we can set up a team of IT experts in a new nearshore location for you.

Qualysoft takes over the complete entry into the new market for you: You benefit from our network of IT specialists and our many years of experience and flexible project design.

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We build your IT team

  • Large network: Qualysoft is a well-known player on the market, the best people for your team know and trust us
  • A quick set-up: Our recruiters assemble teams to best fit your time and content requirements
  • Deep market knowledge: We operate all over Europe and know different markets and cultures well. We find and establish the optimal location for you and take care of the entire personnel and delivery management
  • Nearshore experience: Over 20 years of experience and numerous successful customer projects under our belt

Secure & Legal

You benefit from our 20+ years of experience in resource management and the deep market knowledge of our local recruiting teams. We take care of renting the new office space, building the team and making all the arrangements to build your new IT location for you.

Best Practice

Our IT specialists in Hungary and Serbia, and with over 20 years of experience we stand strong. Since its founding in Vienna 1999, Qualysoft has been providing resource management services to its clients and offering tailor-made recruitment services.

Quick Set-up

Our numerous recruiters assemble teams according to your needs.

The three key points that will convince you to try nearshoring

Many companies complain about IT staff shortage, which slows down their success-critical digital developments enormously. At the same time they are afraid to use nearshore services in neighbouring countries. What are the benefits of nearshoring? Here are our three key points:

In countries like Hungary or Serbia, the supply of well-trained IT professionals in the job market is high. Qualysoft is a well-known player on the market and accesses a pool of qualified candidates for you, allowing you to build up your professional development team fast. You can choose the strength of your team according to your needs – start with a small team and expand as your requirements increase.
Instead of offshoring to countries like India, IT professionals from Eastern Europe have very good language skills and understand your needs better because of the cultural proximity. Even votes in face-to-face meetings can be organised in no time. Time zone differences and long flights are completely eliminated. In addition, an experienced local contact person in Austria, Germany or Switzerland, is responsible for support during the assembly of the nearshore team.
When setting up the new location, you can rely on our expertise and benefit from our 20+ years of experience in resource management, and the deep market knowledge of our local recruiting teams We take care of everything to build your new IT location, from renting the new office space to building the team. If you wish, you can put the entire company in our hands for the first three years.

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