Tamás Bartók

Qualysoft Head of Solution Sales


About Tamás Bartók

With a Computer Science Engineering degree from BME, he established a solid foundation for a notable career in software development and engineering leadership. A key highlight of his career was his time at EPAM, where he began as a software engineer before progressing to a team lead position. In these roles, he excelled in project and team management, prioritizing innovation and success. His experience at EPAM was crucial for honing his technological skills and leadership abilities.

In 2019, he joined Qualysoft as the Java Development Team Lead, focusing on enhancing Java development methodologies and leading his team to achieve groundbreaking achievements.

By 2022, he advanced to the position of Head of Software Engineering and AI Department, focusing on cutting-edge technology and AI solutions, and ensuring projects meet the highest standards of innovation and quality.

In 2024, he transitioned to the role of Head of Solution Sales at Qualysoft Holding, dedicating himself to linking clients with tailor-made solutions designed to meet their unique needs.

Tamás remains committed to driving Qualysoft's success by prioritizing innovation, excellence, and growth, not only inside his teams but also in the solutions delivered to clients.


+36 20 516 0966


Tamás Bartók