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Qualysoft has cooperations with artists, galleries, and public institutions for many years now.

Ever since the company was founded, the promotion of Austrian and international artists has been an important part of Qualysoft's business activities. Back in the early days, works by young artists were placed inside the offices, but this passion for art was soon manifesting itself on a much grander scale. Qualysoft has cooperations with artists, galleries, and public institutions for many years now.

Cooperation with Collegium Hungaricum & the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna

Together, the Qualysoft sites form an international network and so the company also strives to get as many countries involved in art as it possibly can. For many years, it has enjoyed cooperating with Hungarian artists and galleries in a big way, such as the KOGART gallery, as well as the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna and the Collegium Hungaricum cultural institute. Over the years, a large number of exhibitions have been organized thanks to these relationships.

""I am absolutely delighted that Qualysoft has managed to create a platform for promoting Hungarian artists in Austria, thus enabling them to showcase their remarkable talents outside of their home country. In this way, not only is Qualysoft helping to maintain high standards in the field of contemporary art; it is also highlighting how important it is for companies in the private sector to take social responsibility and provide cultural support. This coming together of the worlds of art and business is extremely important for cultural creativity," "
explains the Hungarian ambassador to Vienna, Mr Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky (retired), as he sums up Qualysoft's commitment to cultural endeavors.

Cooperation with the Slovak Cultural Institute & the Slovakian Embassy in Vienna

When it comes to art, the company also enjoys close cooperation with the Slovakian cultural agency and Slovakian embassy, holding joint cultural exhibitions and events in conjunction with them as well. QualysmArt screens have been in use at the Slovakian Institute in Vienna since the beginning of 2015. These smart TVs can be used to display works of art digitally using the special app developed in-house by the company. They are involved in the ongoing exhibitions at the institute and are proving extremely popular with artists and visitors. In addition, there is a good cooperation on joint exhibition in the Qualysoft offices where the Slovak Cultural Institute occurs in appearance repeatedly as an important partner and curator.

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