Educational Cooperations

Students have the opportunity to do internships at Qualysoft.

It is becoming ever more pressing for systems of higher education and the labor market to be coordinated with one another. Universities can only provide the labor market with competitive graduates if they take the needs of the market into account when designing their education systems. Practical orientation in systems of higher education can be substantially enhanced if universities also involve specialists from companies in education.

Ideally, companies provide universities with research projects, and universities train specialists with basic expert knowledge and learning skills to use and further develop knowledge acquired at university later on at those companies. This way graduates are able to integrate themselves into work at those companies, without special efforts.

Since its inception, Qualysoft has endeavored to establish collaborations with universities and other institutions of higher education in all countries in which it is represented. Students have the opportunity to do internships at Qualysoft, during which we incorporate the knowledge and ideas of such students, who are just before their graduation, into our research and development work.

Behind our product developments are young and talented specialists, most of whom have written their final papers at Qualysoft, also having been members of development teams at the same time. It is due to this fact that the average age in our group of companies is 32 (!), and will fall further in the future.

Qualysoft’s doors are not only open to students. We also cooperate with universities by having our senior specialists teach college-level subjects and actively participate in work at international institutions of higher education.

Important Universities/Institutions of Higher Education

  • University of Pécs
  • Corvinus University Budapest
  • University of Vienna
  • Danube University Krems
  • Vienna University of Technology
  • University of Darmstadt