A Christmas Testing Carol - Part Five

Or: The Three Ghosts of Testing



Ebenezer awoke falling out of his bed. He scrambled to his nightstand, looking at his phone in panic.
It was the 25th of December, the same year.
He sighed in relief.

That very day, he visited Fred with a huge Christmas Feast, and they talked about all the things new to Ebenezer.
Fred taught him about Test automation, Test management and Defect management. He told him about how useful Bobs experience as a developer would be if he could use a tool for automation, how these tools would at the same time provide metrics to see how many and what tests have shown unexpected behaviour and how they would be able to track bugs properly from finding them until they are fixed. And after all that, they wouldn’t need anyone to go through many, many excel sheets, but just to click one button to repeat their implemented tests.

Over the next year, Ebenezer increased not only the quality of his software, but also the happiness of his customers and his test engineers, Bob.




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