A Christmas Testing Carol - Part Four

Or: The Three Ghosts of Testing


The Third Ghost

The third ghost, a figure dressed in black hooded robe holding a scythe, silently waited for Ebenezer. Resigned he took his arm and awaited what he had to show him.

“This is my office, but it’s empty”, Ebenezer wondered.
Fred and Bob were there having a look through the remains of the company.
“I guess, this was coming sooner or later anyway”, Bob said.
“I wonder how he kept business going for so long anyway.”
“Maybe his stinginess was good for something after all.”
“He should have invested the money into increasing the quality of his products, that way he might not have lost all his clients.”

Ebenezer wandered off to see tables full of unpaid bills and clients cancelling contracts. There were piles of paper with bug reports on Bobs old table. A screen flickered showing the software that Ebenezer started so many years ago. It said “2 + 2 = 7”.
Ebenezer slumped into a nearby chair, whispering: “How does this even happen”
A paper on the table detailed, how different new additions had side effects on older parts of the software, but these older parts where never tested, because they were running properly at the time, they planned their tests.

Ebenezer started to panic, he pleaded with the ghost of Christmas yet to come to bring him back, to give him another chance, he would make things better! The silent spectre just stood and listened to the cries, the pleas, the begging until finally, Ebenezer fell unconscious from exhaustion.





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