A Christmas Testing Carol - Part Three

Or: The Three Ghosts of Testing


The Second Ghost

“I am the ghost of Christmas present”, greeted the next spirit.
“Do we have to do this?”, asked Ebenezer, but they were already somewhere else.

“He is not coming, I’m guessing?” “No, he is not, as always”, Fred answered his wife, “He is stressed out like every year. You know I wish he would listen or at least try it out for a while.”
“You know nothing!”, Ebenezer interjected.
Fred kept going, not able to hear Ebenezer: “He just thinks, I know nothing, but even a blind man can see that he is sick with worry every time he releases updates. There is so much we could do, to ease his worry. The right tool and management and his mind would be at ease with proper feedback before releasing things to the public.”

“Bah, Humbug!” Ebenezer yelled in defiance, “I have a tester and he does his job. Tools only cost money and they won’t find all bugs either!”
“Let’s see how your tester does then, shall we?”, the ghost suggested.

In an instant Fred was replaced with Bob and the cheery and spacious apartment with a small, darker one. His wife had an arm around his shoulder and Bob sighed, loudly.
“If only you hadn’t accepted, when he offered you to take care of quality assurance”, she said.
“It’s not that... It’s just what he thinks it is. In the beginning things were good, we found bugs, now it’s just the same over and over again. We wrote excel sheets for every functionality and I just have to repeat the tests in there every single time. It’s mind numbing. Do you know when my work had any results the last time? It’s been so long; I can’t even remember. And not only that, but I’m also getting blamed when any error is found later. I don’t have the time to change anything because I have to do those sheets”

“He should be happy; he has a job. It’s not my fault, if he doesn’t do it properly.”
The ghost of Christmas present just shook his head and brought them back.





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