CRM and Business Value Consultancy

A custom CRM solution will ensure the success of your business

Our Approach in CRM Business Value Consulting

Technological possibilities nowadays are vast. There is literally no problem that cannot be solved through automation or digitalisation. Decision makers are confronted with a myriad of software and solution providers. However, it is not easy to make the right decision and understand the impact of the new technology has on your business strategy. Sometimes it is simply a trend and you have to start all over again.

It is not enough to simply automate your processes. Qualysoft helps companies generate customer value and increase customer experience with the new technology:

  • Focus on your business strategy: we make sure that you never lose focus of your company strategy when we talk about new technology and process improvements
  • Focus on customer: offer the best customer experience
  • Focus on human power: free up time for value increasing activities

Make value from data: digitalisation gives you a lot more data than you ever had before. We show you how to best use artificial intelligence and how to find valuable data with relevant KPIs.

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Benefits of CRM Business Value Consulting with Qualysoft

  • We prefer a holistic view on the customer lifecycle in line with your business strategy
  • Digital transformation is a process: our consultants know about the challenges and how to mitigate them
  • Our solution experts have deep knowledge of many tools and will help find the right one for you
  • Continuous process improvement is critical for long-term success: we care about our customers even after the project finishes

Ensuring the Success of Your Business

CRM Strategy and Evaluation

Together we identify potentials, allowing you to reach growth, efficiency or quality targets and find the best possible CRM solution for you.

Each evaluation project starts with a workshop to define your CRM strategy. Together, we will identify all technical and IT-specific requirements regarding a CRM system for the subsequent selection process. We will show you the best options for mapping sales, service and marketing processes within your CRM solution. Based on the requirements defined, we will evaluate potential suppliers and leading solutions available on the market.

Why CRM implementations should not fail

Working with hundreds of companies over the years in marketing, sales or customer service, when using different CRM software solutions, we have learned many lessons about successful process digitalisations. They seamlessly support the business processes that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

If this is not the case, very often the tool is blamed for while the root of the problem is actually internal:

1. Decision is made before the strategy is defined
Important to understand how the project contributes to the company’s business strategy and have the processes, objectives and KPIs developed before the CRM system is deployed.

2. The project is managed top down OR bottom up
Engagement from both sides: top management to understand the strategic goals and the users to set the expectations right. This will lead to high user acceptance.

3. Lack of cross-functional view
Marketing may build a beautiful new website with great user experience, sales has this great new forecasting tool…tools after tools, resulting in many siloed solutions. Align business goals across departments and seamlessly integrate new technology.

We make our customers aware of these critical aspects, preventing them from unnecessary investments in new software or a profound decision to go for a new system.

CRM Audit

We analyse whether your CRM solution still fits to your business strategy and compare it to state-of-the-art CRM technology and best practice use cases. This will enable you to quantify the contribution of your CRM system to your organisation’s business strategy, and better understand the sustainable potential to grow with your business and customers.

Improve Efficiency

It is not only technology and tools that matter. We analyse your business processes and identify relevant areas of automation. We use BPM software to identify and visualise the potential of efficiency growth. Using our detailed process expertise, we develop customised tools for your industry and user roles – whether you are active in the B2B or in the B2C sphere.

Data & Insights

Measuring success is crucial to determine the next business steps. Data and insights let you understand your customers and quickly react on their behaviour or market changes. We reveal the data potential for you to optimise customer communication and offer the right product to the right customer at the right time. We use AI/ML technology for lead scoring and next best offer for improved sales results.

CRM Consultancy


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