Continuous Testing

Immediate feedback through constant testing


If you are planning or considering switching to Continuous Testing but are not 100% sure, we would like to help you with your decision. Gain a little insight into the benefits you can expect after making the switch. 


Qualysoft Test Architects and Automation Engineers support our customers in the transition to Continuous Testing. 


Our experts specialize in creating a customized blueprint for your specific continuous testing approach. They also help you to establish a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) for centralized control of decentralized teams.

We also implement holistic quality reporting and monitoring based on risk coverage and conduct a pilot phase to introduce the changes to a limited number of teams before rolling them out.  


Creating a stable, efficient, and low-maintenance test automation is our daily task: 


  • We have a broad knowledge of a wide range of testing tools
  • Our automation experts support agile projects as well as classical projects like waterfall
  • We help build regression test portfolios for critical applications
  • Qualysoft has automation experts across Europe and offers attractive blended rates through nearshore testing


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