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You don't know how to introduce or expand test automation / DevOps in your company? Would you like to execute an Assessment and don't know how to go about it, then read on.


Together we will take a look at the IT Landscape, value streams and tech stack. Based on the applications that generate the most value and need a boost in quality or speed of change, a detailed plan for introducing continuous delivery, test automation and quality reporting is created by our experts!


The 4 most important steps within your assessment: 
  • Assessment of the current situation

Based on the workshop during the assessment and the provided information, the current situation is documented and overarching goals for the DevOps and test automation initiative are defined and agreed.

  • Create Delivery Blueprint

The blueprint is the foundation for implementing and introducing cross-functional topics for the whole enterprise. The focus is set on the quality and development process.

  • Prioritize applications

The applications within are prioritized in such a way that the customer sees the quickest success in quality assurance in the first step. In this way we guarantee that the risk in the company is minimized quickly and sustainably.

  • Create execution plan

Based on application prioritization and the cross-functional topics, an execution plan is created including necessary roles, effort, and a detailed timeline. An ROI is also prepared for the customer, so that the customer can see the savings resulting from the automation.


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