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Business Lending workflow automation with Creatio’s no‑code platform and at speed and scale


Raiffeisen Bank Albania launches “Business Lending is Now Cool” program leveraging Creatio’s low‑code/ no‑code capabilities.


bank-logo.pngOne of the most significant and recognized banks in the country, Raiffeisen Bank Albania offers the full line of banking products and services to private individuals, micro, small and corporate businesses, and affluent customers. Having one of the broadest local branch networks with 74 outlets, the bank serves more than 465,000 customers. Raiffeisen Bank is a leader in innovation amongst local banks, continually introducing new products and services. The EMEA Finance Magazine acknowledged RBAL as “Best Bank in Albania” in 2021.


Complex processes require complex solutions

Raiffeisen Bank’s complex and dynamic business lending processes required the development of parallel workflows. However, their former LMS solution was outdated and could not support this. It lacked flexibility in terms of process automation and was mainly utilized as a data aggregation tool. The system didn’t provide process transparency that was crucial for stakeholders. Limited integration with other interfaces deprived employees of a single source of truth. They had to check multiple systems before moving forward with loan applications, and they could not track stages.

The time-consuming approval process was negatively influencing productivity and customer experience. Driven by the goal to stay on top of the game when it comes to technology and ensure customer satisfaction, RBAL kicked off a search for a new solution. The company required a tool that would streamline the loan management process, and ensure transparency while making the best use of information flows and data input. A pre-set of tools, ease of process configuration, low‑code/no‑code capabilities, and wide integration options facilitated selecting the Creatio no‑code platform for process management and CRM.

Managing loans has never been simpler

RBAL chose to go with an agile methodology to make improvements step by step, learning along the way and inserting required changes to ensure the processes are well-adjusted. Understanding that having a team of system experts would allow them to keep pace with the ongoing changes of the business and technological environment, RBAL started their Creatio implementation by establishing an internal competence center.

In partnership with Creatio and guided by the consultancy of Qualysoft, the project team built a custom platform for lending process automation named BLINC – Business Lending is Now Cool. The platform's name speaks for itself as it is designed to fit the RBAL requirements perfectly.

Configuration-driven models provided by Creatio helped swiftly automate the corporate lending process. The system has a default application processing workflow designed for customer loans with preconfigured tasks and hints. Automated workflows ensured simplicity of the customer-facing operations. The intuitive platform guides users through every stage of the loan management process and accurately estimates the application processing time. Advanced analytics gives the ability to monitor operational performance and generate reports based on aggregated data.

Creatio serves as a single source of truth for all RBAL stakeholders and employees.

BLINC platform implementation greatly simplified the loan management process and facilitated customer satisfaction. With the newly adopted technology, bank managers enhanced the steering of their operations and portfolios. Workflow automation and digitalization of paper documents helped reduce processing time and make the lending process cool for RBAL customers and employees.


Key Deliverables

  • Improved customer experience
  • Streamlined loan approval workflow
  • Reduced application processing time
  • Increased operational efficiency

Elona Llaci.png

It is worth to be mentioned that even though we started deployment in the pandemic year, we were able to adopt the platform in record time, especially considering similar developments in our bank or other network units. This was mainly due to the low‑code/ no‑code platform. Glad we have made this choice. 

Elona Llaci  (Risk Management Underwriting Team Leader)