Test Automation

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Typical challenges you solve with test automation

  • Testing legacy systems is often expensive and complicated.

Many legacy systems lack adequate test automation, making development and testing slow, expensive, and demanding. We support our customers with automation specialists in the DACH region and at our nearshore locations by setting up test automation. Within a few months we create and hand over a comprehensive regression test portfolio.

  • Difficulties with test data and false positives.

Many companies struggle to keep their test automation running: false positives and the maintenance trap prevent them from realizing its full benefits. Tests are often unstable due to test data problems, faulty technical settings or incorrect test automation. Our experienced consultants support you with their in-depth knowledge in successfully increasing test stability.

  • Inefficient test automation portfolio setup

Companies that have already invested in test automation often have thousands of test cases. This is rarely efficient and increases maintenance without significantly improving quality. Rely on Qualysoft to evaluate your existing test portfolio, implement risk-based testing and test case design, and make your test automation more efficient.

Our consultants have been able to reduce the test automation portfolio for many of our customers while increasing risk coverage and quality. Regardless of whether test automation is newly implemented in your company or you want to set up these processes more efficiently - Qualysoft supports you in optimally designing your test automation.

Why should you start using automated testing right away?

With test automation you lay the foundation for continuous delivery:

  • The speed of delivery is increased and test cycles are shortened.
  • With regression tests, you can constantly measure your software quality and initiate quality assurance measures in good time.
  • The effort in the specialist departments is reduced and the costs are sustainably reduced.

Our services and promise of quality to you

  • We ensure that the test automation in your company runs stably, efficiently and with little maintenance.
  • We provide product-neutral advice on which tool best meets your requirements.
  • We see coaching and knowledge transfer to our customers as a key factor in their success.
  • If required, we will provide you with certified solution architects and automation engineers until you have filled the relevant roles.

Test us in an assessment workshop

The starting point of a cooperation is usually a customer-specific assessment workshop, in which we analyze the status quo of an application or your IT landscape. You will receive a detailed plan from us for the further procedure, an estimate of the costs and the ROI you can expect.

  • Enterprise Assessment

Together we take a look at your IT landscape, your value streams and your tech stack. Based on the applications that offer the greatest added value and require an increase in quality or speed of change, a customized plan for the introduction or optimization of test automation is created.

  • Application Assessment

When introducing test automation for an application or a small number of applications, a detailed assessment of all required aspects of the application and its surrounding systems is made. For the assessment, we use our Maturity Matrix to define the maturity of the domain in different categories and create a risk matrix. Based on the evaluation, the test approach is defined and planned.


Our Partners

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Definition of Done

Scale to Business Testing

Many companies are introducing test automation for their most important innovation systems. After successful implementation for selected applications, scaling to business testing is the next step. In order to switch from manual to fully automated testing, we support you in defining testing tools and guidelines for businesses. In addition, we advise our customers on introducing the right organisational structure and how to manage all teams.

Speed up your Delivery

Around 80 percent of IT companies have already implemented some of the principles and practices of DevOps. However, most have not been successful. Based on the insights of other companies and industry best practices, Qualysoft helps you to set up DevOps correctly. We have built our successful DevOps approach on our vast experience. Whether it is organisation, delivery processes, tools, or metrics, Qualysoft has the right solution for you.

Successful Start

Regardless of whether test automation is to be introduced for just one target application or for the entire company, the first step should be to take a closer look at the current status. By assessing the current situation in terms of testing, quality management and delivery configuration, the right approach can be implemented from day one. Qualysoft offers two approaches depending on the scope of test automation.

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