20 years of Qualysoft

A success story enters the next decade

On July 15th, 1999, the IT service provider Qualysoft was founded by Tamás Simon and Robert Mayer in Vienna. That was the starting signal for many successful customer projects and a story of steady growth in a challenging industry.

The two native Hungarians Tamás Simon and Robert Mayer joined forces in the summer of 1999 after joint projects in Germany and Austria and founded the Qualysoft GmbH in Vienna with initially five employees. At the time, the main focus was on resource management and software development. Since then, 20 years have passed in which the company is experiencing steady growth in sales, employees, offices and above all satisfied customers.

""We are delighted to be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, which is a special privilege, especially in our fast-moving time and in our fast-moving industry, and over the years we've always worked to not just be stable but to steadily grow what we luckily succeeded in doing. Of course that is the ultimate goal for the future as well. We owe this successful career, first and foremost, to our great employees, who have made this company what it is today, as well as to our loyal customers, who together with us have embarked on the path towards a successful digital transformation and who will continue to tread it. It is only with these cornerstones that we can build a successful company,""
says Tamás Simon, CEO, owner and co-founder of the Qualysoft Group.

After the starting signal in Vienna, the first subsidiary was founded in Germany in 2000, and in 2001 the establishment of the branch in Budapest started. The opening was already linked to a strong nearshore idea. The aim was to bring complex projects to Hungary and to use local experts and international synergies. Today, Budapest is the largest Qualysoft office. Focusing on the in-house Nearshore Development Center, more than 350 specialists are currently working for Qualysoft Hungary as well as in international projects. In 2003, the subsidiary in Serbia is founded, which is also an important nearshore location to this day.

In 2006, Peter Oros joins the company as the third owner. By incorporating teams from his previous company, the portfolio was expanded to include services such as business process management, portal development, and specialized nearshore projects. This expansion of core competencies lays the foundation for the future portfolio. Also in 2006 begins the development of INFINICA, a software for automatical producation of individualized documents. Innovation was a great endeavor of the company right from the beginning, so the areas of research and development as well as the cooperation with universities and polytechnics already had a high priority at that time. Within the framework of such cooperation, the basis for INFINICA is created. In 2015, INFINCA was hived off as a separate company with which there is still a very close cooperation.

As in previous years, Qualysoft follows the "follow the customer" principle and leverages existing customer collaborations for expansion in new countries. In 2007, the locations in Romania and Slovakia were founded, and later on the temporary branches in Albania and Ukraine. At the beginning of 2015, Qualysoft massively expanded and hired more than 50 new specialists from the CRM area in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, the first branch office in Switzerland opened in Sursee. In 2018, the e-mobility department QMotion was founded as an innovative growth project. Just one year later, QMotion was spun off as a separate company, with which close cooperation in various customer projects is planned.


As a future-oriented IT consulting and service company, Qualysoft has adapted flexibly to the needs of its customers since its founding. At the beginning of the company's history, a high degree of specialization in individual IT systems and technologies was necessary, but nowadays holistically developed IT platforms and tailor-made services are in demand. Due to the consistent further development of the portfolio and many years of experience from numerous successful projects, Qualysoft today offers its customers comprehensive consulting, highly complex solutions and individually adapted software developments according to the latest standards.

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