Qualysoft - Deloitte Best Managed Company Award

Excellence in Corporate Governance

This year, Hungary is the host of the Excellence in Corporate Governance program,

created by Deloitte to recognize the performance of private companies.

The "Deloitte Best Managed Companies" program is a global executive business program, designed to recognize and honor excellence in local private companies.

The rigorous application and review process is carried out by an independent jury - Richárd Végh, CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange; Sára Csillag, dean of the faculty of finance and accounting of the Budapest University of Economics and Business; László Wolf, member of the board and deputy CEO of OTP; Gergely Baksay, managing director for economic analysis and competitiveness of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank; and László Koji, vice president of MGYOSZ.

The judges assessed companies that meet high-quality assessment categories and pre-defined criteria.

10 Hungarian companies including Qualysoft earned the Best Managed Companies award in 2022, and all participants have been mentored by Deloitte's leading experts to take their businesses to the next level.

The winners share a number of paramount qualities that enable continued and sustainable growth. These include a uniquely designed and well-communicated strategic plan and a strong focus on improving productivity and innovation.

Qualysoft Strategic Directions

  • Company Strategy

Qualysoft uses a single, structured methodology to plan its corporate strategy, which is developed at all levels of the organization, annually, for the next 12 months. The strategy development relies on the company's competence centers. Strategic planning involves all employees and is reviewed on a quarterly basis. Transparency among the employees is also essential for the company. Collaborating business lines is more than just “cooperating” with other teams. It involves cultivating a shared vision, mutual respect, and an in-depth understanding of each other's roles. Each department strives for a common goal of achieving the best business outcomes.

  • IT Industry Knowledge

Knowing and understanding the internal business processes, controls, duties, and market trends leads Qualysoft to succeed in the IT industry. This information goes beyond academic content and requires 23 years of active business in the industry. Gaining such knowledge is always ongoing, especially in dynamic industries like IT services where technology and the economy play a crucial role. 

  • Employee Value Proposition - Innovation and Collaboration

Qualysoft provides an ecosystem of support and recognition that sustains colleagues to achieve their highest potential. It breeds success by caring for employees. That’s so much more than just handing someone a paycheck.

First of all, we promote a learning culture, an environment that demonstrates and encourages individual and organizational learning, and where both gaining and sharing knowledge is prioritized, valued, and rewarded. There are numerous training and development programs, growing employees both professionally and personally.

Second of all, employees have the freedom to get their job done and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. We measure employee satisfaction through a monthly Health Check. The results provide help managers sustain their teams. It's also a good practice to digitalize the annual, more complex satisfaction survey. Nevertheless, employees can enjoy fun and exciting periodic activities outside the office.

More than that, the top management is open to employees taking on ownership and bringing forward innovative ideas. We have a two-way feedback culture - like ShootOut and Yammer, our platform allows employees to share their ideas, experiences, and opinions about each other. Establishing a culture of trust increased collaboration, and boosted engagement and productivity.

Qualysoft knows a great employee seeks a great place to work and a great experience in the workplace. The special environment we provide is part of our recruitment strategy to be the most attractive to top talents. The company's competitive advantage is a strong employer brand, which makes our recruitment processes effective.


Qualysoft Hungary achieved 31.3% revenue growth in 2021-2022

Employee Number Increase

A 9.5% increase in employees number compared to last year

Workforce retention

Employee turnover rate is 13.25%, compared to the average turnover in Hungary of 32%

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"The preparedness of the companies participating in the program was outstanding compared to international trends. The companies that were certified showed professional management and quality processes. Among other things, they place a strong emphasis on strategy creation and implementation and have an established culture of innovation, where there is a strong openness at management levels to implement and reward employee ideas. The winning firms are highly flexible in their ability to respond to different emergencies and have a focused approach to increasing productivity within the company while keeping key metrics in mind. "
Gábor Kóka, senior partner, CEE, Deloitte Private