Qualysoft Romania Maintains It's Expansion Strategy

Qualysoft Romania ended 2022 with a 55% increase in turnover compared to the previous financial year.

Exceeding the growth trend despite the dark perspective of the world economy

Qualysoft Romania achieved a remarkable 55% increase in turnover in 2022, despite the gloomy outlook for the world economy.

Qualyosft estimates show that, in a pessimistic scenario, the company's turnover will register an increase of approximately 20% at the end of 2023, compared to 2022, and, in an optimistic scenario, we will have an increase in turnover of over 35% compared to last year.

"Although the global and regional context has been difficult and is expected to remain the same for at least the next six months, our company has achieved its growth objectives and even exceeded them in certain segments. In addition to meeting our volume targets, we have been able to crystallize our vertical focus in areas such as Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Industry, and others, and apply our accumulated expertise in development and digitalization projects, even at the local level. To accomplish these, we have been able to utilize the capacity and expertise of the group, which is very prominent in the key solutions or low-code/no-code areas. (...) However, we remain cautious about this year's outlook," states Radu Postolache, General Manager Qualysoft Romania and Head of Consulting & Development Services - Qualysoft Group for "Ziarul Financiar" Newspaper.


In 2022 Qualysoft Invested in People, Projects and Long-Term Growth

"The year 2022 was a year of investment, in people, in projects, in technical development, in outlining more attractive benefit packages, and, last but not least, in the loyalty of current partners. It was the first year after which we can say that we have a complete team from an operational, recruiting, delivery, sales, and technical point of view. The advantage that we have over our competition is the balance between innovation, stability, and budgets, aggregated in the medium and long term potential that we try to keep towards customers, partners, and colleagues", adds Ramona Dimache, Service Delivery Director of Qualysoft Romania for "Forbes" Publication.


Key Takeaways From the Articles

Qualysoft Expands the Global Workforce to Tackle High-Complexity International Projects Like the Digitization of the Public Taxation System in Indonesia


During 2022, the number of employees also increased by 25%, with specialists being selected for key roles working on national and global projects with high complexity. For example, some of them are working on the digitization of the Public Taxation System in Indonesia, one of the most extensive projects in which the team of IT specialists from Bucharest is involved.


"We are trying to pay more attention and we will invest more and more in the development of human capital which will most likely maintain a very good retention rate, a benchmark for the local market", stated Radu Postolache.


Currently, the Qualysoft team in Romania has reached over 80 specialists, and by the end of the current year, it is expected to increase by 35%.


In the next year, Qualysoft aims to grow the team with roles such as Technical Leads and Technical Architects with a focus on various technologies, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Test Manager, DevOps Lead, and Infrastructure Architect, but we will continue to grow in the software team as well development and testing, with a focus on the areas of .NET, JAVA, DevOps, React/Angular, C/C++, and others.


The company aims for large-scale projects for the digitization of global players in fields such as financial services, telecom, retail, energy, and security fields.