DevOps, DevSecOps and DataOps Help Large Enterprises Succeed

DevOps - a complex system that connects development and operations processes, helping large enterprises to optimize their operations


DevOps is a complex system that is directly linked to development and operational processes and helps large enterprises to optimise their operations. We addressed this event to stakeholders in the ICT sector in order to learn about new technologies, integration opportunities and connect with relevant partners.


During the morning session, keynote speaker Dr Milán Hasznics pointed out that in the modern business world, the development and security of IT infrastructure are essential. As legacy systems have become vulnerable to increasing and more sophisticated attacks, it is necessary to adopt approaches such as eDevOps (enterprise DevOps), DevOps, DevSecOps (DevOps with IT security) and DataOps (data and process integration for better data management) to make IT processes more efficient, improve the quality of software and applications, reduce development and operational time, and ensure system security.

Márta Majtenyi, Director of Cybersecurity at Norsk Hydro, and other participants shared their experiences of IT developments from both the business and supplier perspectives in a roundtable discussion. It also emerged that Hungarian companies, especially in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, banking and finance, telecoms, government and energy, still rely on outdated legacy systems that are difficult to modernise. However, the paradigm shift that comes with the changes around us and the start of the process of upgrading IT systems is here.

The modernization of legacy systems is essential for companies to improve their IT infrastructure, efficiency, and security. Specific solutions for this issue include conducting a comprehensive assessment of existing IT infrastructure, identifying outdated systems that need to be replaced or upgraded, and developing a roadmap for modernizing IT systems. Cloud-based solutions, data management strategies such as data warehousing and data governance, and modern programming languages and development frameworks are also potential solutions. In addition, companies must ensure proper training and upskilling of employees to work with modern technologies and promote a culture of innovation within the organization.

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