Qualysoft and Creatio Take Center Stage at Executive Dinner Event

Top Executives and Industry Leaders Gathered to Discuss Innovation, Strategy, and Partnership in the Digital Era


June 09, 2023


Qualysoft representatives attended an executive dinner event in collaboration with Creatio. The exclusive event, held at a prestigious venue in the heart of the city, brought together top executives and industry leaders for an evening of networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


The executive event aimed to foster strategic partnerships and explore synergies among the organizations that attended. Qualysoft is known for its expertise in delivering innovative IT solutions and was accompanied by a solid partner, Creatio, a leading provider of low code/no-code platform solutions. This collaboration allowed executives from various industries to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the technology landscape.

Throughout the evening, attendees engaged in dynamic discussions facilitated by industry experts, sharing their experiences and insights on emerging technologies, customer relationship management, and process automation. The conversations explored the potential of combining cutting-edge solutions, Qualysoft's extensive IT expertise, and Creatio's innovative no-code platform to deliver comprehensive digital transformation solutions.

At the end of the event, all participants expressed their appreciation for the informative and engaging discussions. They commended The Global Executive Network (GEN) for organizing a successful event and recognized the value of the partnership between Qualysoft and Creatio in driving digital transformation initiatives.

The executive dinner event marked the beginning of a promising partnership that revolutionizes the technology landscape and empowers organizations to thrive in the digital era.