Qualysoft is once again among the top business brands

We have been awarded the Business Superbrands Award


This year, for the sixteenth time, the Expert Committee of Superbrands Hungary awarded the Business Superbrands prizes.

Certified Quality: Recognition for the Most Outstanding Brands

Superbrands is a trademark that represents excellent quality and is recognized among the general public. In this international program, the most outstanding consumer and business brands receive recognition. The award process involves comprehensive pre-screening, during which a committee of 40 independent experts in marketing and corporate leadership conducts thorough research. They make the final evaluation each year.

This recognition provides guidance to business entities striving for development and sets an example for successful brand building for domestic brands. The Superbrands award offers a positive feedback loop for the brand, as it selects the most outstanding ones based on professional criteria. The awarding committee consists of acknowledged experts whose decisions affirm the brands' past success and reliability. Nominations are based solely on professional criteria; applications and submissions are not accepted."

We are pleased to announce that Qualysoft has now earned the Superbrands 2023 seal for the third time.

This year, for the sixteenth time, the current committee of 20 independent experts gathered and found Qualysoft deserving of bearing the Business Superbrands 2023 seal.

Over the years, we have taken pioneering steps, achieved milestones, and attained outstanding successes. The milestones and recognitions we have achieved on our journey so far reinforce our belief that quality, innovation, and perseverance are key values upon which we continue to build."

The Business Superbrands award is an honor for us and, at the same time, a significant recognition for our entire team, who have worked enthusiastically and determinedly over the years to ensure that Qualysoft is not just a company, but a business icon that the industry can take pride in.

Qualysoft continuously explores new paths and is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality and most innovative solutions. The recognition as Business Brand of the Year reaffirms the company's credibility and commitment to further development, growth, and business success.


Qualysoft possesses extensive expertise in software design, development, testing, and implementation. Through its customer-centric approach and commitment to innovative solutions, it assists its clients in digital transformation and enhancing the efficiency of business processes.

Qualysoft plays a significant role in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. The company has successfully executed numerous complex and large-scale projects, contributing to the enhancement of its clients' competitiveness and the development of their innovative results.

With an international presence, the company collaborates with its partners to propagate innovation and new technologies. The Qualysoft team consists of highly skilled professionals who channel their expertise and experience toward the latest technological trends and advancements.

Qualysoft's long-term commitment to quality and business excellence is evident in the successful projects and recognitions it has achieved over the years. The company continuously seeks new avenues for growth and innovation, aiming to maintain a leading role in the realms of business and technology.

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