Qualysoft Partners with Creatio to Unveil No-Code Digitalization at VISZ InfoGolf 2023

Leveraging Low-Code and No-Code Technologies for Enterprise Digitalization


August 30, 2023


Qualysoft proudly sponsored and attended the "Expedition AI 2.0" event organized by the Swiss-Austria-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce. The event provided a platform for companies to explore real-world AI use cases and foster collaboration for future projects. With engaging keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities, participants had a chance to connect, exchange ideas, and witness the pitches of innovative start-ups. The event culminated in a delightful evening of networking and conversations over Swiss raclette from Emmi. Kudos to the organizers and all the participants for making it a remarkable event at the AirportCity Space, Vienna Airport.


[AirportCity Space], [Vienna]

In an era where process digitalization is no longer a question but a necessity, Qualysoft, in exclusive partnership with Creatio, takes center stage at the MVISZ InfoGolf 2023 event. As one of the leading platforms in low-code and no-code technologies globally, Creatio offers a solution that revolutionizes the speed and accessibility of digitalization efforts. Qualysoft, serving as Creatio's exclusive partner in Hungary since April 2023, seizes this opportunity to showcase the potential of the no-code approach and the technological possibilities offered by Creatio.

The demand for business applications continues to surge, prompting the need for democratizing the process of digitalization. By leveraging no-code tools and methodologies, organizations can achieve greater flexibility, faster time-to-market, improved price-to-value ratio, and eliminate shadow IT. During the event, Qualysoft and Creatio emphasized the vision of empowering non-IT workers to build applications without writing a single line of code.

Imagine a world where business professionals, armed with the right training, can automate workflows and build applications simply by drawing interfaces and processes on a canvas using visual tools. This approach not only accelerates workflow automation and enhances organizational capacity but also engages customers, partners, and employees in a whole new way.

The pressing need for automation presents a challenge when considering the limited capacity of professional developers. With approximately 25 million professional developers worldwide, research forecasts demand for 500 million new business applications in the coming years. Considering the ongoing support required for legacy systems, it becomes evident that the existing capacity is insufficient. To bridge this gap, we propose engaging the vast pool of 1.7 billion knowledge workers who possess deep process knowledge but lack development skills.

Qualysoft, backed by its expertise in utilizing the Creatio Low-Code no-code platform, is confident to lead the charge in automating workflows and building applications with maximum freedom. By harnessing the power of no-code technology, organizations can effectively meet the ever-growing expectations of their customers and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized landscape.

Attendees at MVISZ InfoGolf 2023 left inspired and equipped with the knowledge to embark on a new era of process digitalization, where the question is no longer "if" but "how fast" and "who" will lead the way.

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