Qualysoft Romania Continues Its Expansion Strategy

Romanian Qualysoft division predicts a turnover of 5 million euros in 2022, compared to 3 million euros last year

Exceeding the growth trend of the last years

Qualysoft Romania closed the year 2021 with a turnover of over 3 million euros (15 million RON), registering an increase of approximately 95% compared to the previous year, thus exceeding the upward trend of the last years.

By 2022, Qualysoft aims for a turnover of 5 mil. euro (25 mil. RON), by consolidating its presence, and growing its number of clients. "At the end of the current year, we will reach the 5 million euro (25 million lei) turnover. It is a planned, optimistic growth that we manage to stick to", states Radu Postolache, General Manager of Qualysoft Romania for "Ziarul Financiar" Newspaper.



Key takeaways from the article


What is the software market trend and what do you expect from your customers in 2022 and 2023?

At the moment, there are 2 categories of customers on the local market. First of all, there are those who have solutions, but are looking to modernize them, both as architecture, perhaps migrating to one based on microservices or to a hybrid one. The goal is to make these applications or platforms scalable, easier and cheaper to maintain. It may involve adding new functionalities.


On the other hand, we are lucky to have clients who implement a digitization platform for the first time. There we can start from scratch, without any constraints, directly from their business processes. In this case, the low-code/no-code area took over, promising faster implementation and lower costs. And we have these exact solutions in our portfolio, highly appreciated internationally. However, it is important to realize that they are not universal, and they are not suitable for any project category. They come with limitations compared to custom development software, which is much more adaptable to the requirements of each specific business.


How many customers does the company have and in what industries are they active? What are your client portfolio goals for this year?

At the moment, we have signed contracts with over 30 companies, local and international, of which over 20 are already undergoing. Regarding industries, we have projects and clients in varied industries such as Telecom, Energy and Utilities, Retail, Production, Automotive, Retail, Security, and IT, both locally and internationally. Regarding objectives, we want to use our capacity and expertise to scale and bring these projects to an end in very good quality conditions, but decent in terms of costs. We know that it is not easy for them also, as they have problems ​​budgeting and predicting costs. Our goal is to sustain them to absorb an unpredictable market. Even if this means less profit for us, we believe it is a long-term investment.


What can you tell us about your business growth strategy?

In the short term, we want to continue the growth dynamics. At the same time, we aim to further raise the quality level of our services. At this moment, Qualysoft Romania has an average professional experience of 8 years for our people, a very good value. With this foundation - people with high expertise, a portfolio of innovative solutions and complementary services, and very good references, we want to deliver disruptive products and services with high value for our customers. Even if the international market is tempting, and it is still a source of income for us today, we believe that we can use our experience for the digitization of local projects.