Qualysoft at the Swiss Customer Relations Forum 2023, August 31 - Zurich Marriott Hotel


August 31, 2023


Today, our expert team of colleagues: Dr. Milán Hasznics - Qualysoft Group CEO, Hakan Olman - Key Account Manager, Michael Reichenberger - Managing Director Switzerland, and Martin STADELMANN - Head Business Consulting are attending the Swiss Customer Relations Forum. They will engage in insightful discussions with the visitors about the latest trends and developments in the CXM market.


This year's edition of The Swiss Customer Relations Forum will focus on high-quality discussions that will unlock the potential of customer-centric AI innovations! We live in an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a revolutionary influence on customer relationships and customer experiences.

The metaverse and the different perspectives of Customer Experience Management (CX) will also be highlighted this year. Experts and industry thought leaders will share the opportunities presented by these emerging aspects and how they can be leveraged to take customer relationship management to the next level.

The event is aimed at the Swiss Customer Relations and Service Elite and offers specialists and executives from every CX main territory (marketing, customer service, and sales, customer analytics, CRM, CX, and MarTech), as well as business development and product marketing valuable insights into technologies and trends. The event extends over four conference spaces, 12 best practice sessions, and 6 interactive workshops, offering added value for both active listeners and who wants to join more in the discussions. 

About Qualysoft:

With 23 years of experience serving more than 250 international clients, we are a one-stop shop for IT services and digitizing business needs. Powered by more than 500 specialists in Central and Eastern Europe, we have the expertise to close the gap between technology and your business growth.

About Swiss Customer Relations Forum:

 The Swiss Customer Relations Forum is a community event for customer relations stars and service champions - and those who want to become one.  It is the further development of the Swiss CRM Forum, which has been held very successfully since 2001.

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