Qualysoft and Uzin Utz invited to the CRM Day in Neu-Ulm

CRM Networking


Interested companies met to exchange experiences at the OrangeCampus

May 04, 2022: At the beginning of May, customer Uzin Utz as host and Qualysoft as organizer invited other interested Qualysoft customers to share experiences and network on the topic of CRM.

Topics such as campaign management, address validation, the use of mobile CRM clients and lead management were discussed at the OrangeCampus in Neu-Ulm. Another focus was placed on the areas of independent CRM strategies, CRM product features and strategic focus topics for the next few years.

The invited guests - all long-standing customers of Qualysoft in the CRM area such as Daimler / Evobus and Sedus Stoll AG - were also able to submit questions in advance, which were then also dealt with on site. The event was moderated by Steffen Dudda, Managing Director of Qualysoft Germany.

Of course, special thanks go to the sponsor of the event - Uzin Utz AG, who provided both the location and the catering on site. In addition, Matthias Degorsi (Uzin Utz) and Holger Born (Infinica Germany) were responsible for a successful final presentation. The topic was the planned joint project: Interactive customer document creation from product information systems/CRM/SAP with the Infinica platform.

Qualysoft's CRM Day will continue to take place 2-3 times a year in the future. The next event will take place together with Sedus Stoll AG at the end of October/beginning of November 2022. We will keep you up to date.