Software solutions tailored to your unique business objectives and processes

Software Development

Software solutions tailored to your unique business objectives and processes

Bring Your Ideas to Life With an Expert-Level Development Team

Custom software development requires solid technical background and a clear understanding of the client’s industry and business goals. Qualysoft has 23 years of technical expertise and provides custom software that’s stable, scalable, and secure. Our solutions are tailored around your business goals, human-centered, and easy to use.

It allows both enterprise-grade and mid-sized businesses to achieve their goals by providing custom software solutions from simple customizations or support to full-cycle software engineering. Our offering includes full-stack software development services that meet our customers’ diverse business needs and technological objectives.

We power our clients in:

  • Accelerating Their Business Processes
  • Increasing Their Revenue
  • Maximizing Their Impact On the Market

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Result-Driven Software Solutions

To keep pace with IT automation and digital transformation, your business has two options: be the first mover or follow the existing models at scale for disruption.

And both of these approaches need vital programs, backend systems, analysis tools, and applications to:

Fuel Your Business Performance - Unlike "off-the-shelf" software, a custom solution can boost your company's performance.

Release Your Growth Potential - The business that grows needs to think forward when choosing digital solutions. New requirements, more considerable operational capabilities, speed, and performance are needed to scale up your company to allow you to meet your goals.

Be Innovative - By creating custom software, you get all the innovative features and functionalities your company may need to streamline business processes.


Our team of professionals analyzes your business needs, conceptualizes software, and delivers comprehensive solutions to increase software scalability, usability, and availability.

Desktop Software Development

Whether you need a custom desktop application for a specific business need or want to modernize your existing software, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality desktop software tailored to your unique requirements.

Mobile Software Development

Our services go beyond just native and progressive web applications. Our team is skilled in cross-platform mobile development with Flutter, enabling us to create stable, high-performance applications that can run seamlessly across multiple operating systems.

Software Consulting

We analyze your business needs, conceptualize software, and help you get the best value from its development.

Web Development

Delivering comprehensive full-cycle web application development services to increase software scalability, elasticity, and availability.

Full Stack Development

We build disruptive web and hybrid mobile applications for software companies. We will carefully match your unique needs to our team of experienced full-stack developers.

Cloud Development

In developing cloud apps, we ensure rational use of cloud resources to avoid over- and under-provisioning.

DevOps and QA Services

Providing services for continuous software integration and delivery, performing all aspects of testing, and conducting clear and valuable analysis.

Database Development

We help you organize raw data in the most efficient way for analysis and decision-making.

SaaS Development

We can assist with both product management and the development of SaaS apps.

API Development and Software Integration

We employ API-driven development to seamlessly integrate custom software with corporate and third-party systems and services.

Software Modernization

We improve the usability, refactor code and optimize the maintenance cost of legacy software.

Security and Infrastructure Consulting

Ensuring business continuity and risk management of your software by integrating security testing and auditing services into the development lifecycle.

AI Software Development

Full-cycle AI development services from data collection to analysis. We provide innovative digital transformation, sustainable process automation, client-oriented computer vision AI solutions, and more.

Support Services

The team works with all three levels of support for your business or corporate infrastructure and provides 24/7 system monitoring of all support channels.

World-Class Expertise

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge accumulated for over 23 years in the IT industry. We use our practical experience and expertise and rely on agile methodologies to quickly advance through the design and development phases, then we test and deploy the systems to make sure they work seamlessly and exceed your expectations.

Our diversified and seasoned middle management is dedicated to your product’s success. The management teams are composed of: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Scrum Masters,  and Team Leads.

The operational teams are composed of: Developers, Testers, and Support Teams.

Our developers have, on average, 8+ years of experience, and our architects and team lead up to 16 years of experience. They not only cover architecture design and write advanced codes, but they also have the experience to track progress, measure results, and optimize processes. As a result, you get the best of both worlds - operations and development.​​​​​​

Other Benefits of Working With Qualysoft

  • Client-oriented development
  • Process visibility and constant feedback loop, clear communication plans, and regular reports
  • Intelectual property rights protection for your product
  • Smooth and continuous delivery and processes
  • Tested processes for onsite and offsite collaboration
  • White-label software development expertise
  • Constraint Management Framework - we develop custom solutions specifically for your time and budget
  • Regulations Compliance - we satisfy the highest standards of data security in your industry​​​​

Industries We Sustain

Our experience working with leading organizations around the globe allows us to use our knowledge to build modern, innovative, on-budget software. Qualysoft understands the dynamics of developing top-class software programs that are flexible, and performant. Most probably, we’ve worked with your industry and have already solved the same challenges you face.

We sustained the following industries: Automotive, Education, Energy & Natural Resources, Financial Services, Gambling, Gaming, Government and Public Sector, HealthCare & Medical, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Utilities.​​​​

Custom Software Development Process

Our experts will help you with the end-to-end delivery of your solution: from a vision to a full-fledged product. They will guide you through every step of the process, from the discovery phase to implementation and support.

01.   Initiation - We gather user cases and stories to derive your software requirements, conduct a viability study and needs analysis to outline software goals, and clarify requirements or validate product concepts through a discovery phase. We assess infrastructure, establish legal terms through a master agreement, and agree on project-specific services and payment terms through one or more statements of work.

02.   Elaboration - We create a prototype, define the business concept, assign a software architect, and set up an SDLC according to the best industry practices.

03. Execution - We find the optimal team structure to fulfill the needs of your project, than apply Agile methodologies and use top technologies to fulfill the needs of your project. We use top technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, providing you with secure, full-stack SDLC

04. Transition and Operation -  We implement the software and provide product deployment assistance. Our specialists will create and adapt a test strategy, as well as automate the testing processes We offer training services so that you can get the most out of your new custom software.

05. Maintenance and Support - We ensure that your software continues to run smoothly with production support, service operation support, and adjusting production configuration/validation of production setup.​​​​​​

Emerging Technologies


Our solutions are powered by some efficient, emerging technologies.


These programming technologies help us build revolutionary software solutions with a forward-thinking approach.


Our top talents have a high level of competence in state-of-the-art technologies:


Pricing Models

Qualysoft provides pricing models that match every need:


The client pays for the actual scope of work based on hourly rates and material costs. Basically, if the project requires the involvement of a QA engineer for 20 hours, the client will pay only for this time upon the previously agreed rate.

*Our dedicated teams or individuals, work full time on your particular task or project.

Fixed Price

The scope of work should be determined beforehand, and no additional changes or difficulties should arise along the way. Most of the time the client’s necessities change during the project.

*Software development is a dynamic process, and it’s impossible to avoid any changes. The fixed price model doesn’t allow accommodating these risks adequately.

Custom Software Development FAQs

Custom software development is better if you are looking to develop a program that comprehensively covers your requirements. If you choose off-the-shelf solutions, you might miss out on many customized features and have to settle for less, negatively impacting productivity.


·         Solutions are tailor-made to your specific needs

·         Guaranteed ROI

·         Safe and Secure

·         Adaptability to your needs

·         Easy to Use

·         Solid Support System

·         Long-term benefits, scalable


·         Sometimes, it’s more expensive

·         Investment of time and effort​​​​​

The cost of developing custom software will differ based on the complexity, requirements, timeline, technology stack, and location. There can be multiple factors contributing to the cost. The cost will increase as you increase the features.

There is no particular technology stack for developing customized software. It all goes down to your requirements, and then we advise you on which technology to choose.

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