Financial Services

Ever since its formation, Qualysoft has maintained a strong focus on finance. Therefore our experts are familiar with the challenges faced by the sector due to ongoing digitization, while at the same time IT systems are subject to strict regulatory control and must be highly reliable. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are continuously working on new, custom-fit solutions for our customers.

The financial sphere has been witnessing radical change during the past years. Up-and-coming new business models and innovative start-ups present ever new challenges to the market – customer loyalty and digitized processed based on agile methods are increasingly put into the focus. While safety and reliability are still indispensable qualities of IT systems operating in this sector, banks and insurance companies must be able to respond very quickly to ongoing changes and stay abreast of innovations.

Positive customer experience

Qualysoft's consistently customer-oriented approach is based on state-of-the-art technologies that help support your customer experience management strategy. We cover all of your customers' digital touchpoints – from customized CRM systems and Web portal solutions as well as newsletter and social media tools through to efficient document management using customer communication tools.

Benefits for our customers

International banks and insurance companies as well as renowned private banks rely on our expert know-how that is based on many years of collaboration and a large number of projects that have been successfully completed. Thus, we are able to provide support in the operation or modernization of existing systems, minimizing risks and reducing operating costs by up to 50 percent on the one hand – but on the other hand also to share our extensive knowledge in the sphere of customer loyalty and relationship management. We assist our customers in sustainably gaining competitive advantages and easily adhering to compliance and documentation duties. The preparation of minutes of consulting sessions required by law may, for example, be consistently covered by CRM solutions.

We apply state-of-the-art technologies and specifically take our customers' individual requirements into account when implementing a project. Smooth data exchange with external systems is ensured by comprehensive interface definitions. The result is a solid base involving the right tools for advanced business processes.

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