State-of-the-art IT systems to support quotation, logistics and production processes have become indispensable for industrial enterprises. Qualysoft provides support by supplying technologies for optimization of materials management, supply chain management and customer communication.

We provide state-of-the-art technologies to help our customers professionally meet the challenges posed by trends in the spheres of Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine communication and the use of artificial intelligence. By optimizing your business processes we assist you in managing your operation even more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The experts at Qualysoft contribute their know-how to numerous successful projects in order to optimize quotation, invoicing and accounting processes and to implement materials management systems as well as customized tools for customer communication.

“The first machine is sold by the sales department…“

“…all others by the service department.“ Efficient service is crucial, especially for industrial enterprises. Qualysoft implements state-of-the-art solutions that efficiently cover all important functions from quotation to complaint management. Customized systems support sales, service and marketing processes, ensuring seamless collaboration across departments. All customer data are, for instance, stored in a central CRM system, so that every staff member – even of globally operating companies with an international customer base – is able to retrieve all details at a click of the mouse. This ensures a complete overview of the pipeline at any time, even in case of complex and long-term sales processes. Valid decisions can thus be based on valid key figures and clearly structured dashboards.

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