International staffing

We offer our customers to fully hand over the dynamic resource planning to Qualysoft. We also provide temporary staff to meet the increased requirements for large projects.

Our highly skilled professionals with experience in a wide variety of sectors join our customers’ ongoing or newly started projects, ensuring the project implementation within the planned time frames. We also provide complete developer teams, who participate e. g. in a geographically limited development programme.

In the framework of Multi- and Cross-country staffing – in the context of the above partnership – we can supply our customers’ needs in the context of an international cooperation model through a variety of different scenarios:

The employees of the Qualysoft group provide the necessary resources for the implementation of a project, in order to enable the accomplishment of an objective or the implementation of a project requiring special competences, e.g. Albania’s e-Taxation project.

Our international customers use our staffing service in various countries and benefit from the competences of local professionals.

In the framework of the onsite-, nearshore and bestshore-models we supply our customers in any country with competent, experienced and effectively collaborating teams (e.g. Porsche, Ericsson).

Based on our wide geographical presence we are aware of all local market conditions, resources and potential candidates. By applying complex recruitment techniques we can very quickly find professionals in even the most highly special competence areas. Our selection process is combined with individual selection techniques tailored to customer and position. Since we have professionals of such high competences, capable of conducting deep professional interviews, we can precisely identify and understand our customers’ expectations and selection criteria as a result of which we can take over the entire recruitment process and carry it out without assistance even in an international context.