Public Sector

Thanks to the digitization of processes, public institutions are facing completely new opportunities to provide their services in a more efficient and customer-friendly manner and to save administration costs. During project implementation, the experts at Qualysoft take particular care to consider the specific framework conditions for safety and data protection.

Due to scarcity of human resources, growing demands by citizens and companies and the legal framework for the promotion of e-Government initiatives, administrative institutions are presented with new challenges: they need to cut unnecessary red tape, be more service-minded and at the same time save costs. The result of the digitization of processes and the provision of customer-friendly services for the online management of data, applications and notices is not only increased efficiency, but also more transparency and traceability of all transactions.

Stable systems

Qualysoft adjusts its services for the public sector to the individual requirements of the public sector and implements IT systems complying with particularly high standards. Our e-Government solutions comprise extensive consultation on tax administration processes, specific implementation of electronic taxation systems for general administration as well as solutions for the management of form sheets and legal information databases.

Moreover, our experienced specialists will take care of linking and integrating third-party systems and specific applications. Thus, we are able to integrate even parliamentary voting systems.