Regulatory challenges such as unbundling and smart metering as well as an increase in switching rates have become decisive drivers for utility companies to develop new business models. With efficient IT solutions, Qualysoft provides support in implementing new strategies and helps you benefit from considerable competitive advantages by excellent management of customer relationships and experiences.

Utility companies are faced with the problem that more and more customers are ready to switch suppliers; hence, they increasingly invest in measures to strengthen long-term customer loyalty as well as in services intended to win over new customers. By separating power supply operation from the sales division, completely new business processes have become possible that are being adjusted to the new requirements. Thus, companies operating in this sector are evolving from mere suppliers to innovative service providers.

Strengthening customer loyalty with every contact

Qualysoft provides support for a consistently consumer-oriented approach: we implement state-of-the-art technologies as a basis for perfect customer relationship management and support your customer experience management strategy in every possible way. In the process, we cover all of your customers' digital touchpoints – from customized CRM systems and Web portal solutions as well as newsletter and social media tools through to efficient document management using customer communication tools.

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