Agricultural Portal

Supporting Low-Price Procurement and Cost Effective Selling

Qualysoft has developed a Agricultural Portal - Supporting Low-Price Procurement and Cost Effective Selling, which is partly financed from Europen Union fund.

The project is sponsored in number 632878 contract by Fractal Fiware program. The amount of the awarded grant is 141 210,75 EUR, which indculded the wages of our project team members.

Project description & Objectives

The agriculture sector has been left practically unaffected by the IT revolution of the past decade, therefore software-based solutions that could have improved efficiency and effectiveness in production and processing or given increased access to new markets or the involvement of market participants have not spread in this economic sector. Our Company has set itself a goal of offering its expertise, competences and experience amassed during the past decades in IT, for the agriculture sector. Consequently, we have devised this FIWARE-based innovative agricultural software solution that may help develop 21st century foundations for production and service provision in the agriculture sector.

The key objective of the Portal is to enable the participants of the two main branches of agriculture (crop production and livestock production) to purchase their inputs at low prices and to sell their outputs cost effectively, through applying a novel approach. The portal will help farmers and farms eliminating the disadvantages facing smaller operators only as a result of their size.

The goal of our development project is to provide small and micro farms and even individual farmers through the use of the Portal with procurement opportunities comparable to those available for large and medium-sized agricultural operators and thereby to enable them to offer their output at more competitive prices and thus maximise their profits.

One sub-objective of the project is to present a fully operational application by the end of the project to enable the accomplishment of the above key objective, while another sub-objective is to implement a continued development for different platforms, after the closure of the project. The Portal entails the possibility of enhancement later on, making it possible to involve participants of the entire agricultural commercial value chain (utilisation chain, sales chain) at later stages.

The portal prototype website: