Content Cruiser

This content navigation interface, which can be integrated into portals and document management systems, not only indexes corporate information and makes it searchable but also categorises it according to given criteria.

After applying the first filter, Content Cruiser can easily refine the list of results further. The application also shows the first ten pages of the documents found.

Benefits of Content Cruiser

  • Multi searcher. Content Cruiser can index several corporate data sources simultaneously, including shared folders, corporate portals, document management systems such as Sharepoint and databases containing texts.
  • Document navigator can be used to review content extracts, preview images, dates and highlighted keywords at a glance. The best search engine is still the human brain. Take a glance at the list of hits and keep narrowing it until the document you are looking for appears on the screen!
  • Provides a preview of the first eight pages in small and medium sizes.
  • Quick, additional filtering. The list of hits can be narrowed down even further with one click if too many results are found. Filter attributes: file type, company name, name of author, title, date based on file attributes and folder name.
  • Reversal of excessive filtering. Remove a filter condition with one click.
  • Every search delivers results. Do not look for the "best" search term, gradually narrow your search.