Docfinito and Docflow

The structure of client documents is becoming increasingly complex, but the consistent creation, standard content and correct data of these documents must be ensured.

The Docflow document composition solutions turn your office into an efficient document factory, always with the right template, the appropriate data, addressed to the right destination and in the desired quantity. The collection of templates can be built up hierarchically; legal or image changes only need to be made in one place, which is crucial for uniform communication.

Steps in document composition

Analysts identify the business goal and the data sources. The IT department then plans a template based on the existing components. The fields reference the logical data sources and construct the conditional blocks. The marketing and legal departments are given access to edit the respective blocks.

The parameters to be defined prior to generation are determined by the programmers in the template designer, from which Xforms are saved. The administrator defines document packages by selecting the template, the parameter form, the data source and the output channel.

The customer service user launches an individual document composition process, providing the client number as a parameter, choosing one of 8 options. At the same place, an administration user can launch mass statement printing and monitor its generation on the server. The templates are stored, the documents are generated and the output is forwarded to the appropriate channels. The output may also be stored on the central repository.