Nebula’s work-organizing capabilities allow you to track your co-workers’ daily work activities.


  • Get notifications of every change. You can add tasks to your co-workers’ calendars and make settings to receive notifications to track changes made to them.
  • Have those tasks in your pocket. Your smart phone now gets really smart. You can synchronize tasks without connecting your phone to a PC, allowing you to track all the updates you need to.
  • Chat from your browser. You can chat with your co-workers, clients and providers. Don’t use unnecessary applications – you only need one software.
  • Have every application in the right place. Send active messages immediately. Active messages save you time. You can see previous messages in a thread. When you want to share messages with a co-worker, just add them to the thread by dragging their profile picture into the participants area. You can also attach files with a single operation. How great is that?
  • Everybody is important. Share important information with your team. Publish an interesting article, ask your co-workers’ opinion about it or share a movie clip with them – all using the same tool, on the Nebula Intranet.
  • Store, share and track documents. helps you to store your files in an organized way. Uploading documents was never easier. Just drag files from your PC, drop them onto, and your files will be uploaded to the folder selected.
  • You can also track changes and view older versions. Nebula tracks your files. Send a document (contract, invoice, etc.) to your client or provider and check when they download it. Share your folders with your co-workers. Want to allow your co-workers to read or edit one of your documents? You
  • can do so by a single click.
  • Use Nebula’s CMS to create your own informative website made up of your news, events and blog entries. And if you want, a unique template can also be ordered to do so. Nebula is not only a professional working tool, but also a full-featured public website for your company. When you register, we give you your own subdomain, which you can publish.