Qualysoft's innovative art and culture division: art on canvas, flatscreen and tablet.

QualysmArt offers museums, art galleries, public institutions, private users, etc. the unique chance to digitally display and distribute works of art. Thus, large collections can be presented in a space-saving manner. Pictures which cannot be transported to an exhibition using conventional methods, which are especially sensitive to light or not publicly accessible, can nevertheless be presented to a broader audience. Say goodbye to transport or insurance costs!

However, QualysmArt is by no means supposed to replace original works of art – rather, the combination of physical works of art and digital contents is able to create exciting new exhibition concepts.

With Qualysoft's specially developed app, an infinite number of devices can be controlled via PC, tablet or smartphone, and images, videos and web content can be moved and arranged as required – without the need for any additional hardware. The app's key benefit is that it enables you to show even works of art that could not be exhibited on site. Framed like paintings and placed on scaffolds and walls, physical and virtual art meet.

QualysmArt - the technology

The app is a creative combination of smart TVs and cloud-based systems. No additional hardware or data carriers are required. QualysmArt is quick and easy to install directly from the app store or through download. The clearly structured user interface allows alls users to control their contents via the display or a smartphone. The contents are directly accessible from the cloud app at any time, anywhere.

Qualysoft lives IT & art in everyday life

"The QualysmArt concept to combine art and technology presented a huge challenge for us, putting our IT know-how in particular to an acid test. We created a constellation that transforms technology into art. We are convinced that this innovative way of presenting works of art will find its way into art galleries, offices and even living rooms," says Peter Oros, CEO of the Qualysoft Group.

Each summer, a private viewing is held on the premises of Qualysoft, where works of art created by international artists are displayed.

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